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Spas trace their history to the prehistoric practice of traveling to hot or cold springs in the hopes of effecting a cure of some ailment. This ritual can be readily experienced with a visit to Ace Water Spa, the first hydrotherapy spa in the Philippines.


The 3,000-square meter indoor facility is a virtual oasis of various-temperature swimming pools, push-button massage systems, wet steam and sauna rooms, and other spa amenities—making it possible to beat the heat away while getting a full-body massage at the same time.   Minus the sunburn too!


Among the most sought-after facilities is the colossal spa pool that provides 25 kinds of hydrotherapy massages! There’s a notice posted on every massage station that tells which part of the body it’s supposed to focus on, what position the person should be in, and what health benefits can be expected from it. The unique rainfall acupuncture and bubble massage system are top favorites among visitors.


Need a warm, soothing dip for tired muscles? There are sSix hot aromatherapy pools are soaked with lavender, jasmine and mint herbs designed for a nice back and foot massage. Those who prefer ample space for exercise can choose from the nine swimming pools, heated at a range of 30-40 degrees, regardless of weather condition. Water exercise is especially recommended to for  people with physical disabilities, injuries, diabetes, even high blood pressure because water counteracts gravity and provides gentler resistance.


Kids also have a lot of fun at the Ace Water Spa. They can play around in the floor fountain, waddle in the kiddie pool with water cannons; and float along the Lazy River that flows around the spa pool. There are also water buckets for kids in the heated pools.


Folks can enjoy up to five hours of massage and other spa services per visit, making Ace Water Spa a good alternative to other first-class spa facilities out there.

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