Steps in Renewing Business Permit

All businesses and companies registered with Department of Trade and Industry are obliged to renew its business permits every January and are mandated to renew their business permits to their respective local government unit of place of business.


(Bring original and photocopy of all these documents)

  1. Current year Community Tax Certificate issued in Quezon City and other LGU
  2. 2018 Business Permit
  3. 2018 Tax Bill and Official Receipt of Business Tax paid
  4. 2018 Tax Bill and Official Receipt in other local government units, if applicable
  5. 2018 Certified breakdown of sales, if there are two or more lines of business/two or more branches
  6. 2018 Value Added Tax Returns/Percentage Tax Returns, whichever is applicable
  7. 2018 Quarterly Income Tax Returns, with proof of payment
  8. 2017 Annual Income Tax Returns with complete set of audited financial statement, with proof of payment
  9. 2018 Barangay Clearance, updated clearances and permits
  10. BIR Certificate of Registration
  11. Lessor's Business Permit (if rented) or Title to property/Tax Declaration (if owned) must submit the following:
    1. Valid Locational Clearance
    2. Valid Fire Safety Inspection Certificate (FSIC)
    3. Valid Sanitary Permit
    4. Certificate of Electrical Inspection
    5. Other documents required per nature of business


  1. File a Sales Declaration and Evaluation Form (attach the requirements mentioned)
  2. Proceed to Initial Assessment and Evaluation
  3. Get your Final Approval for payment at City Treasury Office (2nd floor, QC Hall Main-building) - taxpayers will be given a color-coded number to proceed 

There is a SPECIAL EXPRESS LANE for businesses willing to pay at least 30% more than the business taxes they paid in 2018. Go straight to the 2nd floor of the City Treasury Office, with your 2018 Official Receipt for business taxes paid and 2018 Business Permit.


- Your business permit will be revoked or automatically lapse if your permits and clearances expire and are not renewed on or before their respective expiration dates.
- Fire Safety Inspection Certificates have a 365-day validity period.
- Locational Clearances have a one-year validity period from date of issuance, if conditional; they have a 3-year validity period from date of issuance, if location is permissible
- Liquor Permits all expire on end of calendar year, every December 31.
- Sanitary Permits and Health Certificates all expire on end of calendar year, every December 31; but may be processed for renewal within the first quarter (January to March) 2019 for CY 2019
- Tourism Registration for tourism establishments is renewed every calendar year; fees are computed as part of assessment of business taxes.



BPLO Chief Garry Domingo
Ground Floor, Civic Center Building A,
Quezon City Hall Compound
Trunkline 988-4242 loc. 8172

Business Permits and Releasing Group

Ms. Charito Soriano
Ms. Elizabeth Green
Ground Floor, Civic Center Building A,
Quezon City Hall Compound
Trunkline 988-4242 loc. 8173


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