Quezon City Mayor Joy Belmonte approved an Ordinance mandating the inclusion of environmental criteria in the technical specifications for the city government’s procurement of goods, services and infrastructure.

Known as the “Quezon City Green Public Procurement Ordinance of 2021,” Ordinance No. SP-3107, S-2021 was introduced by Councilors Diorella Maria Sotto-Antonio, Candy Medina and Dorothy Delarmente.

“This Ordinance will help the city government implement the policies it crafted and fulfill the agreements and commitments it entered into with various organizations when it comes to environmental protection and sustainable development,” said Belmonte.

The Quezon City government is the lone Philippine city member of the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group, which advocates climate action and sustainability.

It is also a part of the Global Lead City Network on Sustainable Procurement, a group of citizens committed to drive a transition to sustainable consumption and production by implementing sustainable and innovative procurement.

Quezon City created the Environment Policy Management Council (EPMC) in 2010 to serve as the policy-making arm of the city government on climate change and environment-related programs and projects, including the Green Public Procurement Program.

“As the local leaders of the City, we need to set an example and walk the talk in our advocacies. By enacting an ordinance that upgrades our public procurement criteria, we are encouraging suppliers and consumers to support the market for environmentally preferable goods and services,” said Vice Mayor Gian Sotto, presiding officer of the Quezon City Council.

“Through this ordinance, we will increase the demand for environmentally preferable goods and services and beef up the ability of industries to meet the demand for escalating use of environmental standards. In this way, we will also be paving the way for local businesses to consider an environmental approach in their spending.” said Councilor Sotto-Antonio, one of the main proponents of the ordinance.

Under the Ordinance, a Green Public Procurement Team will be created to oversee its implementation, which will be under the supervision of the Environmental Policy Management Council.

The GPP Team will be composed of the City Administrator’s Office as the lead agency with the Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability Department, and the Procurement Department as co-lead. The General Services Department, the City Architect Department and the Engineering Department are also included as members.

The Ordinance mandates all offices and projects under the Quezon City government to include at least one environmental criteria as part of the terms of reference, requirements, or specifications in the procurement of all goods, services, and infrastructure before it will be posted for bidding or purchase.

Failure to comply with the Ordinance will result in the filing of administrative complaint against the head of office, its administrative officer, and other employees who participated in its preparation.

Members of the Bids and Awards Committee (BAC) will also face administrative complaints if they fail to implement this requirement in the procurement process.