Before the Christmas holiday, Quezon City Mayor Joy Belmonte is alarmed over the reported increasing number of cases in Metro Manila.

In the latest report of OCTA Research Team, the national capital region’s reproductive rate or R0 is now at 1.06. Given that Quezon City is the biggest city in the NCR, the city’s R0 also went beyond the 1.00 threshold as it reached 1.15.

Health experts also reported that there is now an upward trend in new cases especially as quarantine protocols relax. They warned that if this continues, there will be more infections in the coming days.

Based on the Department of Health data, the positivity rate of Quezon City is now at 6% with an average of 80 cases per day from December 7-13.

The mayor noted that indicators have been rising since the start of December.

“Unfortunately, the question of a possible surge is not a matter of how, but of when. Looks like Metro Manila is in that direction where a second wave is possible soon and we must proactively do our part in stopping that possibility,” Belmonte added.

QC Task Force on COVID-19 Head Joseph Juico said that projections are currently being studied so as to further improve the preparations and the mitigating efforts of the city government.

“These projections will help us prepare for the worst. Our testing and contact tracing capacities will continue to expand and our hospitals will be better equipped. However, while we are preparing, our wish is not to have patients during the holidays,” Juico said.

“Our healthworkers also deserve a break during this season. Let’s work together in ensuring that our numbers will not continue to rise,” he added.

Several ordinances have been passed to help control the increasing COVID-19 cases. Mayor Belmonte said that the ordinances are specifically created to address the trend.

Additionally, the city is increasing the monitoring of use of face masks and face shields and practice of social distancing in public areas. Police officers will also be deployed in markets to apprehend violators.

“We plead to our residents and visitors to please observe all basic health protocols. We do not want to be in our July-August situation where our daily new cases are beyond 400. The best way to celebrate Christmas is by protecting our loved ones against COVID-19,” Mayor Belmonte said.