As part of her commitment to make Quezon City safer, Mayor Joy Belmonte recently partnered with the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) for the installation of 1,500 high-definition CCTV cameras in major thoroughfares and areas.

The partnership is an initiative under the DILG’s Safe Philippines project launched November this year by the DILG.

The project aims to contribute to the improvements of peace and order and disaster risk reduction and management measures, and the further development of cities.

As the 7th city to join the DILG’s endeavor, the QC government hopes it can better predict, detect, prepare for and respond quickly to incidents. Belmonte said the partnership is a big step towards the fulfillment of one of her 14-point agenda — building a safer and more resilient city.

“We are glad to receive the CCTV cameras from DILG. This is a smart solution as we improve our monitoring system in the city,” said Belmonte.

“With our policies and programs, we can better provide fast, efficient, and reliable emergency response services to all our citizens,” she added.

The collaboration aims to establish an intelligent monitoring system that will enable both DILG and the Quezon City Government to prepare for and respond to security and disaster situations.

It could help reduce crime incidents and improve crime solution efficiency; improve emergency services, fire protection and jail management and penology services.

The joint project could also enhance the capacity for effective and efficient delivery of public services, thus increasing investors’ confidence, improving the tourism industry and public confidence.

“Our commitment to providing social services to our people lies in the effective collection of data and information,” Belmonte stressed.

The program gathers accurate, valid, and consistent data where the city can base better solutions and programs tailored to the needs of its constituents, Belmonte added.

Recently, Quezon City was recognized by DILG as one of the 2019 Seal of Good Local Governance awardees together with eight other cities in Metro Manila.