National government agencies should properly coordinate with the Quezon City government infrastructure projects they are implementing within the city to avoid any wastage of public funds and inconvenience to QCitizens.

Mayor Joy Belmonte issued this call after receiving complaints that some national government offices are not properly coordinating their infrastructure projects with the city government.

“Close coordination between the city government and national government agencies would avoid duplication of projects and promote efficient planning and delivery of services for QCitizens, not to mention judicious allocation of public funds,” Belmonte said.

“In addition, proper alignment would avoid or minimize any hassle the projects may bring to our QCitizens, especially on traffic flows that may hamper their travel to work, school, or any destination,” she added.

City Engineer Atty. Dale Perral said Ordinance No. SP-2939, S-2020 requires all government agencies, offices, and government corporations to coordinate with the QC government all infrastructure projects within Quezon City, whether currently implemented or in the planning stages.

“The Ordinance mandates all national government agencies to coordinate with the QC government through a written correspondence indicating pertinent details about the project to the Office of the City Mayor,” he explained.

The Office of the Mayor will then issue a Certificate of Coordination, which will allow the granting of permits, clearances, or other documents issued by the QC government to any national project within the city.

The city government is looking into the possibility of imposing administrative and even criminal penalties on those who fail to coordinate their infrastructure projects with the city government, pursuant to the National Building Code of the Philippines (NBP).