Quezon City Mayor Joy Belmonte issued a stern warning to residents who organize and join large social gatherings that may cause coronavirus outbreaks in the City.

“Lahat ng mga mapapatunayang lumabag sa ating guidelines at mga ordinansa lalo na ‘yung mga nagkukumpulan at nag-iinuman o nagka-karaoke ay iisyuhan ng ordinance violation receipt (OVR) at maaaring makasuhan sa ilalim ng RA 11332,” said Belmonte.

“Kailangan pa rin ng ibayong pag-iingat at paghihigpit dahil nananatili pa rin ang peligrong hatid ng COVID-19 sa paligid,” she said.

The Mayor issued the statement after an improvised pool party and drinking session at Barangay Nagkaisang Nayon became a superspreader event where COVID was transmitted to 51 of its residents.

Based on the report by the City Epidemiology and Disease Surveillance Unit (CESU), a total of 610 residents were swabbed as a result of this superspreader and among these, 18 are still awaiting their results while 31 are already admitted in several of the city’s HOPE facilities.

The community was placed under lockdown since May 14.

Meanwhile, Belmonte tasked the City Legal Department to probe the concerned barangay officials and to find out if they failed to fulfill their responsibilities as persons in authority.

Upon the directive of the Mayor pursuant to Section 481.B.3.IV of the Local Government Code, the City Legal Department has issued a show cause order to the Punong Barangay.

“We will investigate the local officials for possible administrative neglect or misconduct,” said City Legal Officer Attorney Orlando Paolo Casimiro.

Belmonte further urged residents to report similar violations of quarantine protocols to the local government.

“We encourage the public to take photos and videos whenever possible, and report to us by calling our Hotline 122. We assure them that we will take swift action as this is a matter of protecting the health and safety of the whole city,” said Belmonte.