As part of the national government’s vaccine rollout, healthcare workers in one of the Quezon City government’s local hospitals were inoculated with their first dose of the CoronaVac vaccines today, March 3. 

Yesterday, the Quezon City General Hospital (QCGH) received an initial 300 doses of the CoronaVac vaccines from the national government through the Department of Health. These were given to 300 healthcare workers who signed up for the program. 

Only healthcare workers aged 18-59 and in good health condition will be inoculated by their fellow QCGH doctors.

“This is a milestone in our COVID-19 response. We have begun the vaccination process starting with our health workers whose lives have been constantly at risk since the pandemic began last year,” Mayor Joy Belmonte said. 

QCGH Director Josephine Sabando stated that most of its healthcare workers were willing to be vaccinated. However, when the vaccine to be used was identified, some hesitated. But after attending their town hall meetings where they were presented with facts and studies, many doctors, nurses, and other medical staff changed their minds and registered for the vaccination.

“Since we are continuously addressing COVID-19 cases, Mayor Joy really convinced us to get vaccinated because this would protect us from infection by the virus. Also, seeing other doctors and nurses get vaccinated really helped a lot in convincing our own team to register,” Sabando said. 

“With this vaccine, we are preventing moderate to severe cases among our healthcare workers. Once vaccinated, there will be almost complete protection from hospitalization, intubation, even death,” Sabando said. 

With the steady increase of COVID-19 cases and the confirmed presence of the COVID-19 variants in the country, Belmonte urged healthcare workers to get the initial doses of CoronoVac vaccines since these have passed through all regulatory offices for safety and efficacy.  

“I want our doctors and healthcare workers to be protected in any way possible. This vaccine is the best vaccine right now considering that this is what is available to us,” Belmonte added.

The second dose of CoronaVac vaccines is expected to be delivered after 4 weeks.

Mayor Joy Belmonte also visited East Avenue Medical Hospital, St. Lukes Medical Center – Quezon City, and National Kidney and Transplant Institute to observe and witness their vaccination program.