Quezon City has been chosen as the pilot city to be installed with WiKonek Community Wifi, which will provide users with free internet connection every day.

Through the Community Wifi Advocates led by its Chief Inspirational Officer General Eliseo Rio, Barangay Payatas was chosen to be the first community to be provided with 50MB of Free internet connection with a “fiber-like” internet speed through the use of the Terragraph technology of Facebook Connectivity. This is the first time this Terragraph technology will be used in the Philippines.

During the launch, Mayor Joy Belmonte shared how QC has been selected for pilot projects that are beneficial for its residents.

“QC has always been a darling for pilot projects—creative ideas that need to be tested on a smaller scale before being rolled out for maximum impact. We’re all excited to see where this WiKonek Community Wifi will lead us and how the residents of Barangay Payatas can benefit from this,” Mayor Belmonte said.

Mayor Belmonte also shared how this program will help advance its initiative to connect all QCitizens to the programs and services of the local government.

“We can also see this as a means to bridge the local government with our QCitizens, especially now that we’re moving our services online. We have QC E-Services where our vaccination registration and financial assistance are linked. Through this, we can reach more constituents and they can access our programs without having to travel to the city hall,” Belmonte added.

Chief Inspirational Officer General Eliseo Rio said that Quezon City is the perfect city to launch this new project.

“Mayor Joy believed in the power of technology. Through our partnership with QC Government, we will install at least 1000 access points in the city especially in depressed areas that have low internet connection access before the end of the year,” Rio said.

This program will have no cost to the city.

Beyond the free 50MB, users who wish to continue being connected may avail of more data starting with just P1.00 peso and other options for P5.00, P10.00, and P20.00 for the coin terminal payments. Options for availing of the services will be available over-the-counter at sari-sari stores and eventually digital wallets.