With Quezon City certified by the Department of Health as a low-risk city, COVID-19 cases continue to decrease, almost reaching the same case numbers as this time last year.

According to the report of OCTA Research Group for the week of November 2 to 8, the average daily new cases in Quezon City dropped to 104 from more than 1,100 cases during the peak of the Delta surge back in September. This 104-average is closer to the 95 average number of cases recorded during the same period last year (November 2-8, 2020).

The reproduction number is now at .38, compared to .77 last year while the average daily attack rate (ADAR) per 100,000 population is at 3.27, slightly higher than the 3.02 documented at this tim in 2020.

The average number of tests conducted in QC rose to 4, 253 but positivity rate is only at 4% which means that only a small percentage from the number of people tested confirm positive.

“We are very happy about this report. These numbers prove how well the QC government has focused on its COVID-19 response throughout this pandemic. Even though there are surges, like the rest of the country, the city government has managed the spread and eventually decreases the number of cases,” Mayor Joy Belmonte said.

Mayor Joy Belmonte also acknowledged the support and sacrifices of all frontliners.

“This is a result of the combined hard work of our many healthcare workers, volunteers, city government employees and staff and the cooperation of our QCitizens. Without the support of all stakeholders, we would not have achieved this low-risk classification.”

Overall, the OCTA Research Group classified QC as low-risk given that a -45% growth rate in the number of cases over the past week was recorded.

“The situation in Quezon City has been improving over the past month and there is a high chance that the cases will continue to go down further. However, we must remain vigilant to sustain the numbers,” Dr. Guido David of OCTA said.

Contact tracing continues to improve as the city records 29.67 contacts traced per positive individual.

Mayor Belmonte said that the city shall continue to implement necessary protocols to further decrease cases and mitigate infection amidst the opening of many business establishments as the National Capital Region downgrades to Level 2.

“We remind every QCitizen to still practice basic health protocols especially minors who are now allowed to go out. While many are already protected by the vaccines, we can still get infected. So vigilance is still important,” Mayor Belmonte reminded.