City Architect Department

  • CArD
  • 5th Floor, Civic Center D (BRO) Building, Quezon City Hall Compound, Quezon City
  • 8988-4242 loc. 1501, 1509, 8166
  • [email protected]

Office Hours
Monday to Friday            
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM



The City Architect Department (CArD) was created to address the design of the City’s institutional, housing, and urban projects, based on sound and acceptable architectural principles. CArD was promulgated in 2015, making it the very first architect department in a local government unit in the Philippines. The Department has produced designs for more than a thousand vertical government projects such as schools, offices, police outposts, housing projects, and other institutional structures.


To provide the City with high quality designs  and plans for the City’s vertical infrastructure that will define its physical growth and development, adopting the principles of utility, strength, economy, and aesthetics.


To be the center for sound and aesthetically pleasing architectural and other auxiliary (engineering) designs for the City’s built-up environment, as the City is conceived to be a Model City that promotes sustainable and inclusive development, and emerges as the country’s most developed city.

Legal Bases

  • RA 7160 Section 485 (Local Government Code) 
  • Quezon City Ordinance No. SP-2316, Series of 2014 – An Ordinance Creating the City Architect Department of the Quezon City Government, and Providing For and Defining its Organizational Structure, Duties and Functions and Responsibilities.

Service Pledge:

  • Conceptualize and develop architectural and auxiliary (engineering) plans, designs and specifications, with consideration of pertinent building laws, the protection of the environment, and the public at large, and taking into account the new normal brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, for the present and future infrastructure requirements of the City 
  • Provide assistance and attend to clienteles or requesting parties who are within the premises of the office or agency prior to the end of official working hours and during lunch breaks
  • Ensure that all other tasks assigned to our Department shall be accomplished with the utmost urgency


 New Vertical Projects

Conceptualize and design projects consist of city-owned hospitals, school buildings, QC police stations, barangay halls, multipurpose buildings, quarantine and isolation facilities, crematorium and columbarium, public cemeteries, public markets, and other infrastructure projects consistent with the City Mayor’s programs.

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Housing Projects 

Conceptualize and design projects consist of socialized and economic housing projects that aim to provide affordable yet adequate accommodation for the low-income constituents of Quezon City.

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Furniture Layout and Purchase Request

This final phase in the preparation of Architectural Plans is essential in the completion of projects since the Purchase Request is vital in the procurement of said furniture supplies for the total look.

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Master Development Planning

These pertain to projects which involve large parcels of idle land which may be developed for public use and enjoyment.

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External Services

These are tasks other than those enumerated that require technical opinion and guidance for other projects by other government agencies within Quezon City Jurisdiction (DPWH, MRT, etc.).

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Technical Services Program

A. Planning and Design

  1. Conceptualization of Plans and Design in order to create safe and sound infrastructure projects reflective of the City’s thrust and vision.
  2. Preparation of complete sets of architectural, structural, plumbing, mechanical, electrical and auxiliary plans for various infrastructure projects that will be used for bidding purposes.
  3. Studying and preparation of interior layout and allocation of areas for various office spaces and corresponding purchase requests.
  4. Preparation of initial budgetary estimates for various infrastructure projects – complete initial Costs Estimate with Bill of Quantities that are ready for final review of the City Engineering Department.

B. Planning and Programming

  1. Conducting site analysis which includes a site evaluation report.
  2. Coordination with appropriate government agencies/entities for various concerns.
  3. Preparation of packaging of partial BID documents.

C. Supervision and Monitoring

  1. Monitoring as to compliance with designs, plans, and specifications of ongoing and completed projects.

Department Directory

Ar. LUCILLE H. CHUA, fuap, piep
City Architect / City Government Department Head III
8988-4242 local 1500
[email protected]


Divisions Officer NameOffice AddressContact Information
Administrative DivisionMs. Marilen S. Lababit
Chief Administrative Officer
5th Floor, Civic Center D Building, Quezon City Hall Compound, Quezon City
local 1501

Planning and Programming DivisionAr. Ronaldo R. Pamintuan
Architect V
5th Floor, Civic Center D Building, Quezon City Hall Compound, Quezon City
8988- 4242 
local 1509

Architectural Design DivisionAr. Ruel G. Resurreccion
Acting Architect V
5th Floor, Civic Center D Building, Quezon City Hall Compound, Quezon City

8988 4242 
local 8166
Engineering and Auxiliary Services DivisionEngr. Ricardo E. Debalocos JR
Special Operations Officer IV
5th Floor, Civic Center D Building, Quezon City Hall Compound, Quezon City8988-4242 
local 1501
Supervising and Monitoring DivisionAr. Mark Anthony H. Baladjay
Architect IV
5th Floor, Civic Center D Building, Quezon City Hall Compound, Quezon City8988-4242
local 1509


Project Perspectives

Rosario Maclang Bautista General Hospital

The Rosario Maclang Bautista General Hospital is a Level 2 DOH-accredited hospital with a one hundred seven-bed capacity. It is a healthcare institution built to provide proper medical care and specialized treatment to QCitizens.

Baesa Columbarium

Even before the pandemic, the City planned for the improvement of the existing Baesa Cemetery which is located along Quirino Highway, beside the Baesa Fire Station and Energy Development Corporation. The proposed Baesa Columbarium was planned to be a “one-stop-shop” for all the burial requirements of the City.

Wright Park Housing and 12-Storey Balingasa Housing

These housing projects were designed to implement low-cost housing programs for QCitizens which aim to provide quality constructed socialized housing/condominium projects and are available for application for qualified residents of Quezon City.

Gen. Licerio and Bagbag Integrated High School

GEN. LICERIO IHS – This proposed 4-storey school building is to be constructed in a 2,640 square meter lot in Barangay Bagong Silangan. This DPWH building offers 16 standard classrooms with toilets on each floor and stairs on both ends.

BAGBAG IHS – This 8-storey school building with a lot area of 4,064.5 square meters is located at Barangay Bagbag and is equipped with an auditorium, libraries, and canteen with kitchen among others (ongoing construction).

Amoranto Indoor Sports Arena

As one of the principal buildings in the Amoranto Sports Complex, the roof of the Amoranto Arena is based on the Tamaraw, a type of bovine endemic only to the island of Mindoro and the national symbol of the Philippines, in homage to the strength of Filipino athletes. The Arena, which connects to the Parking Building, has a 4,000 seating capacity for spectators and participants of basketball competitions and other events which will be held in the world-class four-storey building.

Amoranto Swimming Pool

This facility has a standard Olympic-size swimming pool which is 25 meters wide, 50 meters long, and has 10 lanes with an elevated pool deck. It is designed to be a “fast pool”, a technical term for a type of pool used for competitions.



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