Gender and Development Council Office

  • 6th Floor, High Rise Building, Quezon City Hall
  • 8988-4242 local 8739 / 8732 / 8168
  • [email protected]

Office Hours
Monday to Friday            
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM



The Gender and Development (GAD) Council Office coordinates and implements all GAD-related activities in the City. It provides administrative and logistical services, as well as the preparation and documentation of GAD Council and GAD TWG meetings.


To vigorously implement GAD-related programs and projects, and institutionalize mechanisms toward the advancement of women and other marginalized sectors in Quezon City.

To adopt and implement measures to protect and promote equal rights for women and men.


We envision Quezon City as a leader and model of rights-based and gender-responsive local governance; a City that remains progressive and inclusive, committed to create a society that is free from gender oppression, violence, and discrimination.

Legal Bases

International Instruments

  • UN Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women (UN-CEDAW)
  • Beijing Platform for Action (1995)
  • Millennium Development Goals 2015/Sustainable Development Goals 2030
  • UN Women Safe Cities and Safe Public Spaces Initiative

National Laws

  • Magna Carta Of Women (RA 9710)
  • DBM, DILG, NEDA, PCW Joint Memorandum Circular (JMC) 2013-01, as amended by JMC 2016-01
  • Women in Development and Nation Building Act (RA 7192)
  • Philippine Plan for Gender Responsive Development 1995-2025
  • Annual General Appropriations Act

Quezon City Local Mandates

  • Executive Order No. 22, S-2022 – Reconstituting the Quezon City GAD Council
  • Ordinance No. 3157, S-2022 – An Ordinance Institutionalizing the Gender and Development Council Office by Creating Thirty-One (31) Regular Plantilla Positions and Providing Funds Therefor and for Other Purposes
  • Ordinance 3081, S-2021 – Ordinance Establishing the District Pride Council in each District of Quezon City for the Implementation of the various LGBTQIA+ Related Policies, Programs and Projects of the QC Government
  • Executive Order No. 32, S-2019 – Reconstituting the QC GAD Council
  • City Ordinance No. SP 2501, S-2016 – Amended GAD Code To Harmonize With The Provisions of RA No. 9710, Otherwise Known As “The Magna Carta Of Women” And To Adopt The UN Women’s Safe Cities And Safe Public Spaces Initiative
  • Executive Order No. 2 B, Series of 2016 – Reconstituting The QC GAD Council And Redefining Its Functions In Pursuance With RA 7192 And 9710, Ordinance No SP 2501, S-2016 And JMC No. 2013-01 And Amended JMC No. 2016-01 of PCW, DILG, DBM And NEDA
  • City Ordinance No. SP 1401, S- 2004 – GAD Code
  • Ordinance No. 2493, S-2004 – Designating A Gender And Development (GAD) Focal Person For Every Barangay To Serve As Coordinator With Gender And Development Council (QC-GAD) And authorizing Each Barangay To Appropriate At Least 5% From Their Annual Budget For GAD-Related Programs, Projects And Activities.
  • Ordinance No.  4827, S-2004 – Ratifying The Implementing Rules And Regulations Of The Gender And Development Code Of Quezon City As provided For Under Ordinance No. SP-140, S-2004
  • OC Ordinance No. SP 2191 S – 2012 – QC Protection Center For Gender-Based Violence
  • Executive Order No. 16–S- 2002– Creating The QC GAD Council And The GADRCO,  Defining Its Functions And Composition
  • Other GAD-Related Ordinances and Resolutions Approved By the City Council

Service Pledge:

We pledge to serve the public with diversity, equality, and inclusion.


  1. Monitors the implementation of GAD plans, programs, and activities from the barangay to the City level.
  2. Conduct capacity-building activities for GAD mainstreaming such as Gender Development and Sensitivity orientation, Gender-responsive Planning and Budgeting, Gender Diagnosis of programs/projects, and gender-based information systems.
  3. Establish and maintain a gender-responsive knowledge center/databank.
  4. Establish GAD Focal Point mechanisms in each Department within the City government and in barangays for better coordination and monitoring.
  5. Lead the conduct of advocacy activities and the development of Information, Education, and Communication (IEC) materials on GAD.
  6. Spearhead the preparation of the City government’s annual GAD Plan and Budget in response to women and gender issues.
  7. Lead the preparation of the annual city GAD Accomplishment Report (GAD AR), GAD Database report, Violence Against Women (VAW Report) in barangays, and other related reports for submission to DILG, PCW, and COA.
  8. Facilitate the holding of Women’s Assemblies for consultation and issues, and for the registration and nomination of women NGO/CSO representatives to the GAD Council.
  9. Undertake other GAD-related programs and projects assigned by the GAD Council Chairperson or the GAD Council Secretary.


  1. Mentors barangay and department GAD Plan and Budget.
  2. Provides resource speakers to Department/Offices, barangay, NGOs, and the private sector for their GAD Training.
  3. Provides technical or research assistance on GAD to barangay, Departments, students, researchers, LGUs, and NGOs.  
  4. Refers clients to pre-legal assistance and other services.


Capacity Building Program – The office conducts training such as GST, SOGIE, CODI, and other GAD-related issues/laws/ordinances and skills-based training (planning, budgeting, and mainstreaming) to Offices/Departments, barangays, schools, the private sector, and other requesting parties.

GAD, CODI, SOGIE Orientation of Departments/Offices in QC Hall

Capacity Building in Barangay

Monitoring and Evaluation Program

  • Monitoring/consolidation of City GAD Plan & Budget, City GAD Accomplishment Report, and other GAD reports that may be required under the MCW, DILG, and COA
  • Gender Mainstreaming of City GAD Code and Magna Carta of Women to all Department/Offices and Barangay

Advocacy Campaign Program – Awareness raising, information dissemination, and education activities on GAD such as Women’s month, 18 Day campaign to End Violence on Women, GAD Summit, Committee on Decorum and Investigation (CODI), and others.

Women’s Month Kick-off Ceremony


Poster Making Contest  

Men Opposed to Violence Everywhere

Kababaihan Ang Panahon Natin ay Ngayon Dance Contest

Women’s Self-Defense Seminar

Next Level Hip Hop Academy Concert

Administrative Support Program – Provides administrative support such as    budgeting, procurement, payroll, personnel service, records Management, housekeeping and Secretariat to the GAD Council

GAD Council Zoom meeting lead by Mayor Joy Belmonte

Generation and Maintenance of QC GAD Database and QC Gender Profile

GAD Database – The office maintains a QC GAD Databank as provided in Section 37 of MCW-IRR. These are updated QC Gender Profile and GAD-related information to be used as baseline data on the status of women and men in QC.  It is also being used for gender-responsive planning, programming, and policy formulation.

QC VAW Centralized DataBank System

The Office of the City Mayor thru the GAD Council Office in coordination with QCPD,  SSDD, and QCPC is now using a  Centralized  VAW  Data banking system for QC for an effective and efficient records management system and to centralize all reports from the different barangays and concerned organizations.  The system was launched last November 13, 2021, in time for the 18-Day Campaign Against Violence on Women. 

Mayor Joy Belmonte’s First Access in the QC GAD IMIS

Committee on Decorum and Investigation (CODI) Secretariat

 The GAD Council Office serves as the Secretariat of the Committee on Decorum and  Investigation (CODI) on sexual harassment complaints from QC Hall employees.

First committee CODI (Legislative) hearing chaired by Vice Mayor Sotto

Meeting of CODI Executive Officials

GAD IEC Materials

No Woman Left Behind – is a comprehensive program of the QC Government thru the  Office of the Mayor and Gender and Development Council  in collaboration with partners QCPD, QC Regional Trial Court, Schools Division Office of QC and TESDA for all PDLs at QC Jail Female Dormitory.  The program aims to provide continuity of access to health services, programs on education, livelihood, drug use prevention/treatment/rehabilitation, as well as aftercare and reintegration programs during the time in detention of QC Female detainees at the QC Female Dorm. 

Medical Laboratory of QC Female Detainees

Skills Profiling for QC Female detainees

As part of the physical health care service of the No Woman Left Behind Program of QC, the Office of the City Mayor/GAD Council conducted medical laboratory tests for the People Deprive of Liberty (PDL) in QC Female Dorm, Camp Karingal. Since May 7, 2021, a total of 617 female detainees were provided with medical laboratory tests which included Urinalysis, Fecalysis, Pregnancy Test, Blood Chem, Electrocardiogram (ECG), and Complete Blood Count (CBC). 

QC Female Detainees were also assisted by Civil Registry re – Operation Birthright where 84 female detainees were assisted in applying for their birth certificate.




  1. Write a letter addressed to the Head of Office regarding your request for training, research on GAD-related matters, etc.
  2. Contact the Office regarding requests for assistance in the preparation of the GAD plan and budget.

Department Directory

Ms. Rowena T. Macatao
City Government Department Head III
Secretary, GAD Council

89884242 loc. 8732
[email protected]

Ms. Janete Oviedo
8988 4242 loc. 8732
[email protected]

DivisionsOfficer NameOffice AddressContact Information
Research/ Information,
Education, and Communication Services
Ms. Maria Luisa Vidal
Project Officer
7th Flr., Civic Center Bldg. A, QC Hall8988 4242 loc.  8739
[email protected]
Capacity-BuildingMs. Kheyyan Pagaran
Project Officer
7th Flr., Civic Center Bldg. A, QC Hall8988 4242 loc. 8732, 8739 
[email protected]
Monitoring and EvaluationMs. Veronica G. Pasion
Project Officer
7th Flr., Civic Center Bldg. A, QC Hall8988 4242 loc. 8737, 8739
[email protected]
Administrative Support ServicesMs. Angelita Peralta 
Admin Officer
7th Flr., Civic Center Bldg. A, QC Hall8988 4242 loc.  8732


GAD Local Learning Hub Award

Philippine Commission on Women officials together with then Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte and QC GAD Council, QCPC, and City Health during the presentation of the GAD Local Learning Hub Award to QC held last March 8, 2019, at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC).

Launching of Men Opposed to Violence Everywhere (MOVE) in QC Hall

Cycle to End VAW

The QC Government thru the GAD Council Office in partnership with SPARK Philippines, Philippine Commission on Women, Embassy of the Netherlands, Bikers United Movement, Cycle Bros, and Twitter conducted a Cycle to End VAW last Nov. 25, 7:00 to 10:00 AM at the QC Hall Flagpole area. QC officials, GAD Focal persons, and GAD Advocates participated in the bike for a cause to signify their support to end VAW.

Ceremonial Union of Hearts for LGBTQ+ Couples

The QC government thru the GAD Council Office sponsored a ceremonial union of hearts dubbed Love is Pride, Pride is Love last Feb. 12, 2022, at the QC Memorial Circle with 222 LGBTQ+ couples.



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