Gender and Development Council Office

  • 7th Floor, Civic Center Building A, Quezon City Hall Compound
  • 988-4242 local 8739 / 8732
  • [email protected]


Chief of Staff, Office of the Mayor
Secretary, GAD Council

Provides technical, coordinative and secretarial support to the Mayor and GAD Council aswell as other offices and barangays as mandated by the QC GAD Code (QC Ord. 1401 S – 2004) and EO No. 16. S – 2002; Assists the Mayor GAD Council in the formulation and monitoring of GAD plans, programs and projects, conduct of capacity-building and mainstreaming in line with the city’s vision/mission and in coordination with the City Planning and Budgeting and Barangay Operations Center; Conceptualizes, produces and disseminates Information-Education-Communication (IEC) materials/tools as well as maintains a City Gender Profile in coordination with department/offices; Undertakes other studies and activities as directed by the Mayor.

GAD Office Directory

Janete Oviedo
8988 4242 loc. 8303

Research/ Information, Education and Communication Services
Maria Luisa Vidal
Project Officer
8988 4242 loc. 8732 / 8739

Kheyyan Pagaran
Project Officer
8988 4242 loc. 8732 / 8739 

Monitoring and Evaluation
Irene Dela Cruz
Project Officer
8988 4242 loc. 8732 / 8739  

Administrative Support Services
Ana Maria Fajardo, Admin Officer
8988 4242 loc. 8732 / 8739


“Tindahan ni Ate Joy” Program

The target of this program will initially focus on home-bound mothers residing in QC, who will apply and meet the requirements set by the Office of the Mayor selection committee.

The prize package will include a variety of goods that can earnestly start a small home-bound business for the family.


  1. Social Support – to provide viable economic activities for target clients that will enable them to generate additional income and address their family’s basic needs
  2. Self-Advancement – to recognize home-bound mothers as valued wage-earners in the family and to enhance their capacity that liberates them from economic slavery

Program Components:

  1. Screening and selection of recipients
  2. Awarding of “Tindahan ni Ate Joy” prize package
  3. Monitoring
  4. Passing on the gifts and benefits to family members

Eligible Recipients:

  1. Mothers aged 30 – 60 years old
  2. Mothers with at least 2 children (school age child/children must be enrolled in a public school)
  3. Mothers who will agree to comply with the conditions set by the program

Initial Requirements for Application and Screening:

  1. Accomplished application form
  2. Birth certificates of children
  3. Photocopy of school report card if enrolled
  4. Husband’s certification of employment (or company ID with contact details of the employer); or proof of husband’s sickness (medical certificate)
  5. Affidavit of good moral character from three neighbors

Co-responsibilities of Selected Recipients:

  1. Must undergo basic training on entrepreneurship
  1. Must be a member of PhilHealth Insurance after a month
  2. Must submit quarterly report indicating the following:
    • Height and weight of children to be certified by the barangay health center
    • Copy of PhilHealth monthly contributions
    • Monthly savings