Human Resources Management Department

  • HRMD
  • 5th Floor Main Building, Quezon City Hall Compound, Diliman, Quezon City
  • 8988-4242 loc. 8502 / 8504 / 8500
  • [email protected]; [email protected]

About the Department


The Human Resource Management Department is tasked to keep Quezon City Government effective and efficient in the delivery of basic public services and ensure their maintenance and continuous improvement through a highly motivated workforce. It takes charge of all employee concerns from the time he enters service up to the time he exits therefrom.

More specifically, the HRMD provides services on the following:

  1. Recruitment, Selection and Placement;
  2. Performance Evaluation;
  3. Training and Development Interventions;
  4. Compensation and Health Benefits;
  5. Employer-Employee Relations;
  6. HR Policy Implementation and Dissemination;
  7. Opinion and Replies to HR Related Queries;
  8. Personnel Records Management;
  9. Rewards and Recognition, and
  10. Position Paper on HR Related Issues.

To effectively manage Quezon City Government’s workforce by meeting their needs and making them dynamic and action-oriented contributors to
agency performance and effectiveness.

A locally and globally competitive thru sound Quezon City HR

It is our mission to effectively manage the Quezon City
Government workforce by meeting their needs and making
them dynamic action-oriented contributors to agency
performance and effectiveness.

Service Pledge on the following:

  • Administers the salary and benefits schemes for the entire Quezon City government employees.
  • Formulates, recommends and evaluates policies and practices regarding employee welfare: payrolls, benefits, leaves, loans, retirement health safety, insurance, transportation, etc.
  • Manages and administers the QCG‟s organizational structure (assignments, details, transfers and other personnel interventions. Coordinates with line departments in the preparation and approval of their manpower requirements, job designs and competencies.
  • Adopts a well-conceived recruitment plan, screening, selection and placement policies and procedures in coordination with other departments, offices and units.
  • Assists that department and place human resource of the movement of employees; promotion, renewal , transfer, resignation, etc., and the system of selection which ensures the appointment of only the most qualified candidates with relevant education, training, experience, eligibility and character which and their placement in positions for which they are best fitted.
  • Conducts trainings and HR development interventions, aimed at improving and broadening the skills of functionaries, raising morale and preparing them for higher duties and responsibilities.
  • A strategic performance plan for the periodic evaluation of the efficiency of officers and employees.
  • A merit and promotion plan based principally on the merits of the aspirants and thereby establish a career system where good people are brought into the service and in pursuance of their performance are moved up until reaching the highest ranking position.
  • Ensures that QCGs HRM decisions and letter replies are based on pertinent civil service law and government regulations for maintaining the morals and discipline of employees at a high level.



Last updated on March 23rd, 2022