Liquor Licensing and Regulatory Board


The Liquor Licensing and  Regulatory Board  (LLRB) is created thru an ordinance under Ordinance  No. NC-86, S-89  whose  primary  mandate is to take charge and undertake efficient  implementation  of  liquor  provisions   approved  under  Ordinance  No. NC-85, S-89,  otherwise  known  as  the Quezon City Liquor Ordinance.   Its  specific function deals on the  issuance  of  Liquor   Regulatory   Permits  to qualified   establishments and the proper assessment and collection of regulatory fees thereof.   Supervise  and  control  the  liquor  operation of  all  establishments in the City by way of issuing  Liquor  Regulatory  Permits to qualified  liquor  manufacturers, distillers, dealers wholesalers and retailers of liquor and/or other intoxicating beverages.


  The Liquor Licensing and Regulatory  Board is a government unit where trust and public service is a commitment working at hand  towards  efficient and good governance.  The uncontrolled   disposal  of  liquor  or   intoxicating   beverages  within   prohibited  radius contributes immensely to the alarming incidence of juvenile delinquency and criminality in the City, hence  efforts  should  be undertaken by  the LLRB to  contribute  in  making Quezon City a peaceful Quality City.


  1. To  regulate   the  operation  of  business  establishments   dealing  on  liquor  and/or intoxicating beverages.
  2. To  compel  operators  of   amusement  places, eateries and dealers of  liquor and/or intoxicating beverages to secure their necessary permits.
  3. To  monitor the operation of business establishment dealing in manufacturing, producing,  distilling,  selling,  serving  and  dispensing  of  liquor  and/or  intoxicating beverages as provided under Quezon City Liquor Ordinance.
  4. To help preserve peace and order in the City to lessen criminality.

Service Pledge

We commit to:                                                 

  • Provide efficient public service and encourage all operators of all business establishment engaged in liquor business, properly observe and comply with the requirements of law and provision of the Quezon City Liquor Regulatory Ordinance, Ordinance No. NC-85, S-89;
  • Provide quality and responsive public service to address to the needs of  our business partners  to attain economic growth which is also translated to  the City’s economic growth too;
  • To provide  support  and  assistance to  taxpayers  in the  operation of  their  business by  way of  coordinating  efforts by  all parties concerned like the barangay, the police and  all other  concerned agencies of all the necessary assistance such that they may comply to the requirements as called for under existing regulations;
  • All personnel of the LLRB  shall  maintain, observe,  uphold and protect at all times the honor, prestige, purpose and  interest of our  Office such that the taxpayers concerned may be given the full attention, assistance and support without reservation and comply fully to the program of good governance of Mayor Ma. Josefina G. Belmonte.
  • Happy to serve and provide efficient service.