Local Economic Investment Promotions Office

About the Department

The Local Economic Investment Promotions Office (LEIPO) was created pursuant to Ordinance No. SP-2219, S-2013.  The LEIPO shall be the implementing arm of the Quezon City Economic Development Incentives Code. It shall coordinate the drafting of the Quezon City Investment  Priorities Plan, which shall be based primarily on the development agenda set forth by the City as embodied in its various policy documents, and also taking into consideration the economic development plans and policies outlines by the various national government agencies. 

LEIPO envisions a business-friendly city that creates and promotes an environment conducive to the entry and growth of enterprises in the city. The office foresees the city as a premier destination for investors and businesses that thrive and develop in partnership with the local government, generating employment for its residents and creating a cycle of sustained development and inclusive growth.

LEIPO shall develop policies and programs to enhance the business climate to attract investors and to support existing businesses. LEIPO shall also consider economic developments and investment priorities and trends in the Philippines and in the rest of the world that will have an impact on Quezon City to create, adapt and adopt more responsive policies and programs. The office shall also provide incentives for enterprises that generate significant levels of employment for QC residents, maintain the same and make significant investments in growth areas. The office shall also delineate the economic directions and investment priorities of the city and enact policies and programs that will facilitate access to investment sites. Lastly, LEIPO shall promote public-private partnerships, recognizing PPP as a potentially significant investment strategy, by providing incentives to private sector proponents of PPP projects.


The LEIPO shall have the corresponding functions, duties, and responsibilities:

  • Formulate annual and medium-term plans for Medium and Large Enterprises (MLE) development
  • Prepare investment opportunity profiles, including but not limited to industry profiles, project profiles, and viability/feasibility studies
  • Identify support investment activities
  • Monitor the performance of investments
  • Coordinate and monitor policies, programs, and activities relative to MLEs of all national and local government agencies
  • Continuously review the local investment climate and incentives program in order to recommend improvements
  • Provide advisory and other support services to new investors to facilitate their investments
  • Promote and market Quezon City as an attractive investment/business destination
  • Identify key investment opportunities from among those provided by the Operations unit to be highlighted in promotions and marketing efforts
  • Disseminate information about such to potential investors through: trade missions, trade fairs and exhibits, seminars, briefings, orientations, etc.
  • Develop and implement retention/expansion strategies for existing investors
  • Establish and maintain a database of investment opportunities and investors
  • Recommend and/or implement improvements in systems and processes towards simplification or improved productivity

Programs and Projects

  • Kalingang QC sa Negosyo: Financial Assistance Program for QC Small Enterprises 
  • Kalingang QC sa Negosyo: Wage Relief Program for QC Small Enterprises

Process Flow for Kalingang QC sa Negosyo: Financial Assistance Program for Small Enterprises:


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Quezon City is Pro-Business.

First QC Economic Development and Investment Board Meeting

In 2013, SP-2219, an Ordinance creating the Economic Development Incentives Code of Quezon City was crafted with then Vice Mayor and now Mayor – Hon. Joy Belmonte – as Presiding officer.

This ordinance recognizes that it is imperative for Quezon City to pursue economic growth as a sustainable solution to alleviating poverty.

Quezon City is gearing to move forward and strives to create a diverse, strong, vibrant, and inclusive local economy amidst the pandemic and beyond.

Department Directory

Mr. Joseph Emile P. Juico
(8)988-4242 loc. 1506

Mr. Pierangelo A. Dominguez
Policy and Programs Action Officer
(8)988-4242 loc. 1212

Ms. Lyn D. Dividina
Chief Investment Specialist
(8)988-4242 loc. 1505


  • Promotions and Marketing Division
  • Operations Division
  • Technical Support Division



LEIPO Citizen's Charter