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  • 6th Floor, East Wing, High Rise Building, Quezon City Hall, Quezon City
  • 8988-4242 Local 1505, 1506, 1507
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Office Hours
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The Local Economic and Investment Promotions Office (LEIPO) facilitates the creation and implementation of the City’s Investment Priorities Plan, which is based on the economic development agenda of Quezon City. LEIPO promotes the City as one of the preferred investment destinations in the Philippines by taking into consideration the economic development plan and policy outlines of various national government agencies.


To make Quezon City the preferred business destination, generate employment across more businesses, and develop growth hubs in the City.


Quezon City as a premier destination for investors and businesses. A business-friendly city that has an environment that has sustained development and inclusive growth.

Legal Basis

City Ordinance No. SP-2219, S-2013 Entitled “An Ordinance Adopting The Economic Development Incentives Code Of Quezon City”.

Service Pledge:

To promote and market the city as an attractive investment and business destination.

To formulate annual and medium-term plans for Medium and Large Enterprises (MLE) development.

To coordinate and monitor policies, programs, and activities relative to MLEs of all national and local government agencies. 


Projects & Operations
  • Identify investment activities, such as but not limited to trade agreements with other LGUs for sourcing raw materials; cooperation agreements with other government entities to facilitate investor transactions; and Public-Private Partnership (PPP) arrangements.
  • Prepare business opportunity profiles, including but not limited to industry profiles, project profiles, and viability/feasibility studies.
  • Coordinate with partnering institutions/agencies/private sector associations intended for PPP projects, and conducts research on PPP project possibilities from existing and new partners, including the development of a database of potential private sector partners.
  • Facilitate and assist in the implementation of PPP programs and projects, including, but not limited to the following;
    • For PPP projects that are BOT Law variants and/or are following the BOT Law as the legal framework, serve as the LGU’s PPP Unit, the focal unit responsible for the planning, overseeing, and monitoring of PPP projects, as contemplated in Section 14.3 of the BOT Law Implementing Rules and Regulations;
    • For PPP projects that follow the joint venture (JV) arrangement, provide support to the LGU’s Joint Venture Selection Committee (JV-SC) and the Contract Monitoring Unit (CMU), particularly in the fulfillment by the JC-SC and the CMU of their responsibilities, as contemplated in the annex of DILG-PPPC JMC No. 2019-01
Promotions and Marketing
  • In charge of the City’s investment facilitation and promotion activities, development, and establishment of support mechanisms for the growth of MSMEs.
  • Promote and market the city as an attractive investment and business destination by dispersing information to potential investors through trade missions, trade fairs, exhibits, fora/seminars, briefings/orientations, etc.
  • Assist in the promotion and development of MSMEs in the City, particularly in securing permits, identifying potential investors, sourcing experienced service providers, and resolving any issues encountered by the business units.
  • Prepare investment promotion materials (i.e. presentations of industry and project profiles; competitive analyses vis a vis other LGUs; competitive advantages of Quezon City; other general business information).es vis a vis other LGUs; competitive advantages of Quezon City; other general business information)
  • Provide and develop business retention and expansion structure, and other economic activities to attract investment and generate employment.
  • Coordinate and monitor policies, programs, and activities relative to MLEs of all national and local government agencies.
  • Continuously review the local investment climate and incentives program in order to recommend improvements.
Support Services
  • Establish and maintain a database of investment opportunities and business potential information of the City to attract more investment.
  • Recommend and/or implement improvements in systems and processes towards simplification or improved productivity.
  • Serves as a member of the advisory group that will guide the City in investment promotion.
  • Serves as the pillar to local councils whose ventures are related to economic development.
  • Represent the City in trade and investment meetings, conferences, and other similar activities in both domestic and foreign venues.


StartUp QC Program

The StartUp QC Program was envisioned to: (1) create new jobs and opportunities, (2) stimulate the entrepreneurial spirit, (3) promote innovation, and (4) strengthen the start-up culture in Quezon City.

The objective of the program is the formation of business hubs and centers that will inspire and empower QCitizens to build innovative business models that can help provide solutions to social issues and dilemmas.

The city government will provide a grant to innovative start-up ventures that are still in their early stages but have promising and viable products or services for execution. 

For more information, visit:

To apply: QC E-Services (

Kalingang QC sa Negosyo: Financial Assistance Program for QC Small Enterprises 

The second phase of the Kalingang QC Para sa Negosyo financial assistance program focuses on granting businesses the much-needed funds to remain operational and to support their labor force.

Kalingang QC sa Negosyo: Wage Relief Program for QC Small Enterprises

In the first phase of the program, the PhP700 million budget was used to subsidize the salaries of QC micro and small business employees within a three-month span.

Department Directory

Mr. Juan Manuel J. Gatmaitan
Department Head III
[email protected]

Ms. Roseanne P. Ureta
Executive Assistant
8988-4242 loc. 1506
[email protected]


Divisions Officer NameOffice AddressContact Information
Projects & Operations DivisionMs. Monical Paula Lavares
Planning Officer
6th Floor, High-Rise Building, City Hall Compound, Brgy. Central, DIliman, Quezon City, 11008988-4242 Local 1507
[email protected]

Promotions & Programs DivisionMr. Reuel C. Ruiz, Jr.
Program Manager
6th Floor, High-Rise Building, City Hall Compound, Brgy. Central, DIliman, Quezon City, 11008988-4242 Local 1507
[email protected]
Finance & Budget DivisionMs. Cecilia J. Rudi
Supervising Administrative Officer
6th Floor, High-Rise Building, City Hall Compound, Brgy. Central, DIliman, Quezon City, 11008988-4242 Local 1505
[email protected]


Quezon City Investors Summit 2022

With the theme “QC is future-ready,” the summit aims to bring businesses and potential investors together to generate investments for the city, build partnerships favorable to QCitizens, and make Quezon City the top-of-mind preferred investment destination.

Check the link : Quezon City Investors Summit 2022 – Flip PDF | FlipBuilder

Memorandum of Understanding between QC LGU and the Board of Investments

The Memorandum of Agreement aims to simplify and facilitate the systems and procedures involved in the promotion of investment and operation of registered businesses in Quezon City.

First Economic Development Board Meeting

Hon. Mayor Joy Belmonte during the first EDIB meeting as she discussed the Economic Development Incentives Plan for the next 3 years and the Investment Priorities Plan of the City. 

Kalingang QC Cheque Release Phase 1

QC awarded financial aid to the first batch of beneficiaries of the Kalingang QC sa Negosyo Beneficiaries – Financial Assistance for Small Enterprises, helping small businesses recover and ensure continuous employment of QC residents during the pandemic. 

Kalingang QC Cheque Release phase 2

A total of 113 small businesses with 6500 employees benefited from the Kalingang QC Phase 2 Program which provided wage subsidies for the most affected businesses during the pandemic.

Economic Development Plan



LEIPO Citizen's Charter 2021
LEIPO Citizen's Charter 2022
LEIPO Citizen's Charter 2023
Economic Development and Investment Plan 2022-2025
City Ordinance No. SP- 2336, S-2014
Resolution No. SP-2163, S-2003
Resolution No. SP-8825, S-2022
Resolution No. SP-8707-S-2021
Resolution No. SP-8825, S-2022

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