Market Development and Administration Department

  • MDAD
  • 3rd Floor Civic Center Bldg. A, Quezon City Hall, Diliman Quezon City
  • 8988-4242 local 8357

About the Department

City Government Department Head III
Trunk line: 8988-4242 local 8357

Programs and Projects Officer
Trunk line: 8988-4242 local 8357

MDAD was created through Q.C Ordinance No. SP-950, S-2000 to effectively and efficiently implement and enforce laws/ ordinances pertinent to the administration of city-owned markets and regulation of the establishment and operation of privately owned and/ or operated markets and all other market related activities in Quezon City, including tiangges and street vending.

In October 19, 2015 Q.C. Ordinance No. SP-2459, S-2015, otherwise known as the Revised Quezon City Market Code was enacted which took effect fifteen (15) days after its publication in a newspaper of general circulation and upon posting to the website of the Quezon City Government amending Q.C Ordinance No. SP-944, S-2000.

The Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) of the Revised Q.C Market Code was approved by the City Mayor on June 18, 2019 and subsequently published in “The Manila Times” on July 26, 2019.

The MDAD’s five (5) areas of concerns under the Revised Quezon City Market Code includes public market management and operations of   city-owned markets, regulation of privately-owned and/ or operated markets, hawkers / sidewalk vendors development, inspection and enforcement of laws rules and regulation and revenue generation.

Department Directory

Special Assistant to the City Market Administrator
Officer-In-Charge, Management Information System Unit
Trunk line: 8988-4242 local 8352

Divisions/ Units:

  1. Administrative Division
    Mr. Armando V. Limos
    Head/ Chief Administrative Officer
    8988-4242 loc. 8351
    • Records Management Section
      Ms. Rosie Faye A. De Leon
      Section Head
      8988-4242 loc. 8352
    • Personnel Section
      Ms. Ma. Victoria M. Macaspac
      Section Head
      8988-4242 loc. 8351
    • Fiscal & Statistical Section
      Ms. Lalaine C. Calimbayan
      Section Head
      8988-4242 loc. 8354

  1. Private Markets Division
    Ms. Bernadette F. Mejia
    Acting Head/ Licensing Officer II
    8988-4242 loc. 8353
  2. Hawkers Division
    Mr. Elvie P. Espina
    Acting Head/ Market Supervisor III
    8988-4242 loc. 8356
  3. Technical Services Division
    Engr. Noel H. Tagaylo
    Head / Engineer V
    8988-4242 loc. 8356
  4. Public Market Division
    Mr. Elmer F. Ferran
    Head / Market Supervisor V
    8988-4242 loc. 8358
    • Kamuning Public Market
      K-5th St., Brgy. Kamuning (District IV)
      Contact Person: Mr. Eduardo F. Bainto
      Market Supervisor III
    • Galas Public Market
      Luzon Ave., Brgy., San Isidro (District IV)
      Contact Person: Mr. Efren F. Firmalino
      Market Supervisor III
    • Frisco Public Market
      Tolentino St., corner Zamora St. (District I)
      Contact Person: Mr. Regino C. Gaudiel
      Market Supervisor III
    • Murphy Public Market
      15th Avenue, Brgy., San Roque, Murphy (District III)
      Contact Person: Mr. Richie D. Rayos
      Market Supervisor III
    • Project 2 Public Market
      Kubili St., Brgy. Quirino 2-A (District III)
      Contact Person: Mr. Edwin N. Estrellado
      Laborer II / Officer-In-Charge
    • Project 4 Public Market
      P. Tuazon Avenue, Brgy. Milagrosa (District III)
      Contact Person: Mr. Marcelo G. Gonzales
      Market Supervisor II
    • Roxas Public Market
      Hyacinth St., Brgy. Roxas (District IV)
      Contact Person: Ms. Nenita R. Perolino
      Market Supervisor III
    • San Jose Public Market
      Mayon St., Brgy. NS Amoranto (District I)
      Contact Person: Mr. Rogelio B. Gregas
      Market Inspector II
  1. Business Permit and Licensing Unit
    Ms. Bernadette F. Mejia
    Acting Head/ Licensing Officer II
    8988-4242 local 8353
  2. Market Enforcement Unit
    Mr. Vicente C. Arnante
    Acting Head
    8988-4242 local 8355
  3. Market Inspection Unit
    Mr. Herberth L. Silverio
    Acting Head / Market Supervisor III
    8988-4242 local 8353


Key Programs

  1. Public Market Management and Operations of City-Owned Markets
    Management, operations and maintenance of the eight (8) city-owned markets; rehabilitation and enhancement of market   structure to ensure security, safety, clean and to provide better livelihood opportunities for the community.

    The management and operations of the eight (8) city-owned market is through the market supervisor designated by the City Market Administrator to oversee the day to day activities in those markets.
  1. Private Market Regulations Program
    Quezon City have twenty six (26) markets and forty seven (47)  talipapas with a total seventy three (73) privately owned operated markets.

    MDAD aims to ensure the compliance of markets to the Revised QC Market Code and city policies on establishment of privately owned and/ or operated markets through acquiring a market franchise from the City Council.

    Likewise, the program includes the processing of new and renewal of business permits in all government owned and privately owned/ operated public markets, owners and operators of private markets, tiangge organizers and traders, meat shop owners/ operators, processing of new and renewal of stall awards and contract of lease to qualified leaseholders in city markets, issuance of Order of Payment for market rental fees and certification and issuance of certified true copy of business permit and market stall awards.
  1. Hawkers Regulation and Development Program   
    MDAD regulate the operation and/ or proliferation of hawkers, sidewalk vendors in any portion of streets, alleys, sidewalks as vending sites, places of business and commerce, except those allowed by the city government and provide alternative venue for them to earn a living.

    A hawkers permit is issued to qualified registered vendors upon completion of requirements.
  1. Enforcement and Inspection
    MDAD strictly implement and enforce the provisions of city ordinance relating to prohibited vending areas. It ensure the continuity of the road clearing operations and institutionalizing livelihood programs for those affected.

    MDAD also conduct continuous inspection and monitoring of all market related activities in compliance to market regulatory requirements which includes but not limited to market franchise, business permit, proof of payment, other licenses, sanitary permit, fire safety inspection certificate and special permit for Talipapa and Tiangge.
  1. Revenue Generation Enhancement Program
    Revenue generation through collection of taxes, fees and charges from establishment, business, service and activities within Quezon City such as private markets, talipapa, tiangge and city-owned market.
  1. Palengkonek Online Market
    Through the partnership with the private sector, Palengkonek, was recently launched with the signing of the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA), as the first digital market place where QC market-goers find their “suking palengke” and have their “pinamalengke” picked up from the partner markets /s directlky or delivered at their doorsstep.  QC residents can now buy fresh quality goods at the usual affordable prices with just a few digital clicks in their convenience.  This platform provides for a more safer and healthy approach in adapting to “new normal” way of life, thus insulating market-goers from the risk of acquiring the COVID-19 virus.