Office of the Vice Mayor

  • OVM
  • 2nd Floor, Legislative Wing, City Hall Complex
  • 8988-4242 local 8205
  • [email protected]


Vice Mayor

Acts as the presiding officer of the Sangguniang Panlungsod, which is the legislative body of the city that approves ordinances and pass resolutions necessary for an efficient and effective city government and that ensures the delivery of basic services and facilities provided under Section 17 of the Local Government Code;

Signs all warrants drawn on the city treasury for all expenditures appropriated for the operation of the Sangguniang Panlungsod and appoint all officials and employees therein, except those whose manner of appointment is specifically provided in the Local Government Code; and

Exercises the powers and perform the duties and functions of the city mayor in case of temporary vacancy and such other powers and perform such other duties and functions as may be prescribed by law or ordinance.


Marites Victoria
Chief of Staff

  1. Appointment/Socials
    Reena Vi Ramos
    Tel. No. 8988-4242 Loc. 8273
  2. Administrative Officer
    Rochelle T. Basaysay
    Tel. No. 8988-4242 Loc. 8207
  3. Operations
    Joey Layugan
    Tel. No. 8988-4242 Loc. 8130

    District Coordinators
    D1 –    Jaime Espina
                 Loc. 8128
    D2 –    Irene Nueva
                 Loc. 8162
    D3 –    John Paul Concepcion
                Loc. 8158
    D4 –    Yolanda Laxamana
                Loc. 8159
    D5 –    Raymond Rosal
                Loc. 8130
    D6 –    Eden Balgos
                Loc. 8130
  4. Legislative
    Atty. Rio Rose Santos
    Tel. No. 8988-4242 Loc. 8206
  5. Records/Releasing
    Oliver Flores
    Tel. No. 8988-4242 Loc. 8273
  6. LAN
    Edwin Baytamo
    Tel. No. 8988-4242 Loc. 8316

Quezon City Anti-Drug Abuse Advisory Council (QCADAAC)

Alfredo M. Foronda
Executive Director
Tel. No. 8988-4242 Loc. 8272

Christella Buen
Action Officer
Tel. No. 8988-4242 Loc. 8272

Clint Gamboa
Administrative Section
Tel. No. 8988-4242 Loc. 8196

Jade Danne Z. Fabico
Integrated Drug Abuse Profiling System (IDAPS)
Tel. No. 8988-4242 Loc. 8196

Lilybeth S. Selda
Drug Abuse Prevention Education
Tel. No. 8988-4242 Loc. 8121

Mark Anthony Collantes
Drug Test Section
Tel. No. 8988-4242 Loc. 8121

Jose P. San Diego
Drug Clearing Section
Tel. No. 8988-4242 Loc. 8130

Rommel S. Arriedo
Plea Bargaining Section
Tel. No. 8988-4242 Loc. 8130

Quezon City Drug Treatment and Rehabilitation Center (TAHANAN)

Tel. No. 8400-5025

Dr. Alvin B. Vergara, M.D., DPCP
Head, Medical and Dental Section

Maricris M. Silla, RSW
Head, Program Section

Dawn A. Tan. MHA
Head, Administrative Section

Teresa Olivia D. Dienzo, RSW
Head, Aftercare Section

Anna Victoria F. Simon, RN, MHA
Head, Research Section


OVM Citizen's Charter

Last updated on March 23rd, 2022