Persons with Disability Affairs Office

  • PDAO
  • Ground Floor Community Center, Quezon City Hall Compound, Diliman, Quezon City
  • 8988-4242 local 8123 / 7809
  • [email protected]

Office Hours
Monday to Friday            
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM



The Persons with Disability Affairs Office (PDAO), under the direct supervision of the  Office of the City Mayor, formulates policies and programs for the welfare of Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) and ensures the registration of PWDs in the Philippine Registry of Persons with Disabilities.  


To champion the rights and welfare of Persons with Disability through advocacy, relevant and sustainable programs and services centered on their overall needs as productive members of the society.

“Isulong ang mga karapatan at kaginhawahan ng mga taong may kapansanan sa pamamagitan ng adbokasiya, angkop at tuloy-tuloy na mga programa at serbisyong tumutugon sa kanilang mga pangangailangan upang makalahok sa pagpapaunlad ng sarili at pamayanan.”


A reliable organization and a partner of the Persons with disability in promoting an inclusive society and uplifting quality of life.

“Isang maasang tanggapan na katuwang sa pagsusulong ng aktibo at mapanglahok na pamayanan, masaya at maunlad na pamumuhay ng mga taong may kapansanan.”

Legal Bases

  • Republic Act No. 7277 – Magna Carta For Persons With Disability; 
  • Republic Act No. 10070 – Persons With Disability Affairs Office Act; 
  • City Ordinance No. 2085, S.2011, An Ordinance Organizing And Establishing The Quezon City Persons With Disability Affairs Office (QC-PDAO) In Accordance With Section 40(B)(1) Of Republic Act No. 7277, Otherwise Known As The Magna Carta For Persons With Disability, As Amended By Republic Act No. 10070 And Republic Act No. 9442. 
  • Republic Act No. 9442 – Amending RA 7277 “Other Privileges And Incentives”; 
  • Republic Act No. 10754 – An Act expanding The Benefits And Privileges Of PWD; 
  • Republic Act No. 10366, 2012 – For COMELEC To Establish Accessible Polling Places Exclusively for PWD And Senior Citizens; 
  • Republic Act No. 10524, 2012 – An Act Expanding The Positions Reserved For PWD; 
  • City Ordinance No. 2557, s-2016 – For City Government To Set Aside At Least 1% Of Its General Fund For Programs, Projects And Activities Of PWDs; 
  • Resolution No. 5906 s-2014 – Urging Barangays To Designate PWD Focal Person As Coordinator With PDAO;
  • City Ordinance No. SP-2940, s-2020 “An Ordinance Providing Incentive To Business Entities Employing Senior Citizens And/Or Persons With Disabilities (PWDs); 
  • Memorandum Circular No. 16, Series of 2020 – Guidelines For Persons with Disability (PWD) IDs 
  • Ordinance No. Sp-2617, 2-2017 An Ordinance Institutionalizing a Comprehensive Program for Children with Special Needs (Kabahagi Ordinance), As Amended
  • R.A. No. 11215 National Integrated Cancer Control Act
  • BP 344 Accessibility Law
  • Ordinance No. Sp-3115, S-2022 Social Welfare Assistance Program
  • DOH Administrative Order No. 2013-0005-A, Amendment to Administrative Order No. 2013-0005 dated February 7, 2013 entitled “National Policy on the Unified Registry Systems of the Department of Health (Chronic Non-Communicable Diseases, Injury Related Cases, Persons with Disabilities and Violence Against Women and Children Registry System)”
  • DILG Memorandum Circular No. 017 series of 2022, Inclusion of Cancer and Rare disease Under Type of Disability
  • DILG Memorandum Circular No. 2021-041 Strengthening the Functionality of Persons with Disability Affairs Offices (PDAO) and Persons with Disabilities Focal Person

Service Pledge:

We believe and support the inclusive and good governance agenda of the Quezon City Government that paves the way for a society that leaves no one in its pursuit for dynamic, progressive, and resilient citizens and families.


Registration and Issuance of PWD ID

The PWD Registration and Issuance of PWD ID are intended for persons with disabilities who are certified residents of Quezon City, pursuant to Republic Act No. 9442 as amendment to Republic Act 7277, otherwise known as the Magna Carta for Persons with Disability.

Registration is available online through QC E-Services ( QCID e-application.  Walk-in registrants are accommodated at all District offices and Main office kiosks.

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Facilitation Services
PDAO has a pool of resource persons that can be provided for the facilitation requirement of the Capability Development Programs of barangays and PWD organizations. Barangays and PWD organizations may request for their  required  resource persons (speakers/facilitators) for Training and seminars.

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Request for Data-Related PWDs
MIS officers share available data regarding PWDs upon request of the different offices/departments. In compliance with the Data Privacy Act, all barangays and other agencies requesting for available data will be required to submit a request letter with details of persons securing the information and for what purposes the data will be used.

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Partnership Building and Linkages

  1. Promotion of the wellbeing of PWDs in terms of livelihood and employment, health, education, arts and civic-political rights.
  2. Implementation of partnership projects and engagement with local stakeholders, tapping their programs/services and promotion of disability-inclusive use of local resources.

 Early Disability Detection, Rehabilitation and Prevention

  1. Free Medical Assessment for Children with Disability (Below 18 years old).
  2. Hearing Test for below 5 year-old children in partnership with accredited specialists and medical institutions.
  3. Referral of other necessary services such as specialist services, educational, and medical intervention to related local departments/offices and/or national  agencies.

Provision of Assistive Devices

  1. Assessment of disability for appropriate device
  2. Provision of free assistive device
  3. Aftercare and Monitoring

Capacity Development

  1. Capacitating Service Providers
  • Training/Seminar on Sign Language for front liners and focals for PWD client in local government departments/offices, including barangay-based PWD focal persons
  • Seminar/orientation on how to assist PWD clients such as Blind, Deaf, Orthopedic impaired, and other persons with special needs. 
  1. Conduct of training and seminars to all barangay personnel and other stakeholders to improve service delivery to the PWD clients.

Referral System

  1. Indigent PWD are referred to the three Quezon City hospitals for Medical check up, assessment, and or medical certification requirements for PWD registration.
  2. Referral of PWD for employment and/or livelihood assistance.

Community-Based Rehabilitation

  1. Organizing and empowering of Barangay-based PWD associations and/or their parents, self-help groups, and PWD individual and groups enterprises.
  2. Coordination with Barangay-based public and private facilities/utilities encouraging and organizing barangays to build and conduct a comprehensive program of Community Based Rehabilitation not just for the service of the PWD sector but eventually for all stakeholders and constituents of the Barangay.

Disability Awareness

  1. Advocacy information dissemination of Laws, rights and privileges for PWDs.
  2. Promotion of Disability-inclusive and accessible environment/facilities/services.
  3. Promotion of improvement of total wellbeing of PWDs.



QCID is the Unified ID of all Quezon City residents including Persons With Disability. PWDS may register online at QC [email protected].

All registered PWDs are submitted to the Department of Health (DOH) Philippine Registry of Person with Disability Portal (PRPWDP) to be submitted to PhilHealth for the free coverage of Persons with Disability. 

PWD QCID is valid nationwide.


  1.  Proof of Disability
  • For Apparent Disability (Physically Impaired) – Whole body photo that shows disability                                                 
  • For Non-Apparent Disability (Disabilities caused by Chronic Illnesses, such as Cancer or Impairments that are not physically manifested):  Medical Certificate or Medical records (Abstract/Diagnosis/Assessment/Test Result) from qualified doctor (e.g, Ophthalmologist for visual disability, Audiometrist hearing test results, Neurologist for any mental disability)

Note: Indigent registrants that cannot afford to have a check up or acquire Medical Certificate may request for referral for Medical Assessment or request for House visit at the Person with Disability Affairs Office Personnel to attest Disability.

  1. Proof of Residence (valid ID or original Barangay Certificate of Indigency)
  2. Picture for ID (2×2 photo with white background and frontal shot).
  3. Signature  

REQUIREMENTS FOR RENEWAL: (Apparent or Non-apparent disability)

  1. Proof of Disability
  • For Apparent Disability Whole body photo that shows disability physically.
  • For Non–Apparent Disability Certificate of disability from the specialist and medical certificate for Cancer and Rare diseases.

    Certificate of Disability:
  • Deaf/Hard of Hearing (EENT, ORL-HNS)
  • Intellectual Disability (Developmental Pediatrician, Neurologist)
  • Learning Disability (Developmental Pediatrician, Psychiatrist, Neurologist)
  • Psychosocial Disability (Psychiatrist)
  • Mental Disability (Neurologist, Psychiatrist)
  • Non-apparent Visual Disability (Ophthalmologist)
  • Non-apparent Speech and Language Impairment (ENT, Developmental Pediatrician, ORL-HNS, Neurologist)
  1. Proof of Residence (any Gov’t issued ID, original Barangay Certificate / Barangay Indigency.
  2. Picture for ID (2×2 photo with white background and frontal shot).
  3. Signature


  1. Register at QC E-Services (QC E-Services (  using personal email (1 email per registrants)
  2. Confirm and validate E-Services account.
  3. Go back to QC E-Services and log in using the registered email account and choose QCitizen ID eApplication icon.
  4. Complete and confirm details of personal information and make sure to tick “Yes” for the PWD Sector.
  5. Upload all requirements. Upon submission, the virtual ID will show. If the information is correct, agree and submit.  
  6. After the process, an email will be received confirming the application. 
  7. Monitor ID application status in the E-Services account. 
  8. For registrants lacking requirements, email will be received with instructions. Return to your E-Services account, edit registration and upload the lacking requirements.  
  9. Approved application status will show “Card Printed. The QCID can be picked up at the Persons with Disability Affairs Office and District Offices. 
  10. Contact person of ID holder will be notified of the availability of ID.               


  1. Bring copies of requirements to Persons with Disability Affairs Office for evaluation.
  2. Qualified PWDs will be encoded, approved, verified, and given a printed ID. 
  3. Registrants with lacking requirements will be assisted and advised.
  4. All non-qualified applicants will be advised promptly.

REMINDER: Please ensure that Proof of Non-Apparent Disability (Medical Certificate or Records (abstract/assessment/diagnosis or test result) indicates the Name of the Doctor, Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) license number, specialization, and contact number.  These documents are necessary to ensure that you will be registered in the Philippine Registry of Persons with Disability Portal of the Department of Health which is required for PhilHealth coverage.


These are the qualifications for Indigent Persons with Disability:

  • Bedridden
  • With severe health condition
  • Solo Parent with disability
  • ●   PWDs who are Terminated / jobless with 2 or more dependents

●   PWDs who are living alone

●   PWDs with dependent parent Senior Citizen

  • Not receiving any other pension, from GSIS, SSS, or from any other source of pension in the government and private agencies such as the 4Ps, and others.
  • No permanent income, compensation or financial assistance from relatives to support basic needs.


    1.   Financial assistance


    1.   Person with Disability QCitizen ID

    2.   Certification of indigency with 6 months residency

    3.   1 pc 2×2 photo

    4.  Physician’s certificate/Certification of Disability

    • If the disability is apparent (Visible) such as amputation of a leg, hand, wheelchair user   and others, it can only be a whole body picture
    • If the disability is Non-apparent (Invisible) such as psychosocial; intellectual, mental, ADHD, autistic, autism must pass a certification of disability (COD) signed by a specific specialist


    1. Application – The target beneficiary must submit an application.
    2. If the applicant does not have a PWD QCID, they must first apply at or go to the PDAO for processing.
    3. Determining the target beneficiary (Case Study) before approval
      1. Exploring client’s home by the social worker or PDAO staff
      2. Intake/Interview – The social worker will collect important data from the client
      3. The client must be assessed by the social worker based on the information during the interview.
      4. Making a Case Summary Report by the social worker
      5. If the client is qualified, he/she will be included in the master list to be endorsed to SSDD with his requirements submitted.
    4. Approved applicants will be received a call/message and advised of their benefits and process of claims.


    • If the beneficiary died or moved to another place
    • Insufficient documents or requirements
    • Unable to reach the contact details.
    • Not eligible for Social Welfare Assistance program criteria.

    Department Directory

    Ms. Deborah C. Dacanay
    Officer in Charge
    8988-4242 loc. 8123, 7809
    [email protected]


    Divisions Officer NameOffice AddressContact Information
    Monitoring and Data Management UnitMs Sharina Ronella F. Hipolito
    MIS Head
    Ground Floor, Community Center, Quezon City Hall Compound, Diliman, Quezon City8988-4242 loc. 8123
    [email protected]
    Operations UnitMr. Jeremy D. Sunga
    Operation Head
    Ground Floor, Community Center, Quezon City Hall Compound, Diliman, Quezon City8988-4242 loc. 7809
    [email protected]
    Administrative Unit
    Ms. Marlyn E. Castro
    Admin Head
    Ground Floor, Community Center, Quezon City Hall Compound, Diliman, Quezon City8988-4242 loc. 8123
    [email protected]
    Learning and Capacity Development UnitMr. Anthony J. Quinagon
    Project Development Officer II
    Ground Floor, Community Center, Quezon City Hall Compound, Diliman, Quezon City8988-4242 loc. 8123



    The Persons with Disability Affairs Office (PDAO), in coordination with the District Officers, has successfully set up satellite offices in the 6 Districts of the City catering to PWD ID registration, PhilHealth registration, QCID registration and distribution, and other concerns.

      #176 E. Beltran St. Brgy. Katipunan

    ( District I) 

    Archival Center, #65 Scout. Reyes St. Brgy. Paligsahan

    ( District IV)

    Novaliches District Center, Jordan Plains Subd.  Quezon Novaliches Proper   

    ( District V)         

    Commonwealth Brgy. Hall, Commonwealth Ave.

    (District II)

     #25 Calderon St. Brgy. Marilag, Proj. 4    

    ( District III)

    66, Sanville Covered Court, Cenacle Rd.  Sanville Subdivision, Culiat City Brgy.

    ( District VI)


    PDAO Citizen's Charter 2023

    Last updated on September 22nd, 2023