Quezon City Drug Treatment and Rehabilitations Center (QCDTRC/TAHANAN)

  • Molave Extension Diamond Hills, Barangay Payatas (Area B), Quezon City
  • 8400-5025
  • [email protected]

Office Hours
Monday to Friday            
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM



Quezon City Drug Treatment and Rehabilitation Center (QCDTRC) or better known as TAHANAN is a drug treatment and rehabilitation facility for Persons Who Use Drugs (PWUDs).  It is a dorm-type in-patient facility that provides free drug treatment and rehabilitation programs and services for PWUDs residing in Quezon City.


QCDTRC aims to provide a safe, family-like environment for the effective drug treatment and rehabilitation of Persons Who Use Drugs.


QCDTRC envisions a dynamic and responsive client-centered drug treatment and rehabilitation facility with dedicated and caring professionals as change agents geared towards healing and shaping maladaptive behaviors of drug dependents to be responsible and productive members of the community.

Legal Bases

  • Ordinance No. NC-146, S-1990 – An Ordinance Establishing the Quezon City Drug Treatment and Rehabilitation Center and Appropriating Funds therefor.
  • Ordinance No. SP-2791, S-2018 – An Ordinance Providing for the Dangerous Drugs Code of Quezon City.

Service Pledge:

We commit to:

  • Help drug dependents receive effective drug treatment and rehabilitation techniques towards sobriety and recovery, guiding them to be productive members of society.
  • Tailor-fit a drug treatment program suited to each client’s needs.
  • Educate and empower families in co-dependency to enable them to get themselves out of the co-occurring disease of drug addiction in the family.
  • Ensure the continuing care of the discharged and former residents by monitoring their gradual re-entry into their families and the community through becoming responsible members of society.


Admission for Treatment and Rehabilitation for Voluntary Submission of Person Who Use Drugs (PWUDs) 

More details:

Admission for Treatment and Rehabilitation for Compulsory Submission of Person Who Uses Drugs with criminal case / Drug case / Court Orders) and Child In Conflict with the Law (CICLs)

More details:


QCDTRC provides twenty-four (24) hour residential services to PWUDs.  Residential services are provided for a minimum of six (6) months for 1st timers and one (1) year for relapse cases. QCDTRC is managed by a group of professionals that includes medical doctors, social workers, psychologists, psychometricians, nurses, and dentists.  QCDTRC also employs a Houseparent who supervises the day-to-day activities of the patients.  

QCDTRC’s Residential and Home Life Program uses Therapeutic Community Modality and is composed of the following:

Psychological and Social Services

  1. Individual Sessions
  2. Group therapy session / Group Static facilitated by Case Manager / Psychometrician and Social Worker
  3. Lecture/ Seminars
  4. Case Management
  5. Referral Services
  6. Psychological assessment through administration of test and evaluation of client facilitated by Center Psychologist
  7. Provision of psychological counseling and psychotherapy to improve the client’s positive attitude
  8. Conduct social case studies for all admitted patients in the Center 

Family Program

  1. Family Meeting- held once a month
  2. Family Dialogue- conducted prior to initial visitation and as needed

Spiritual and Moral Recovery Program

  1. Bible Study
  2. Sunday Mass
  3. Recollection
  4. Advent Retreat

Sports and Recreation (Outdoor and Indoor)

  1. Basketball
  2. Volleyball
  3. Badminton
  4. Table Tennis
  5. Board games (e.g., Chess, Word Factory, Scrabble and Sungka)
  6. Fitness Gym (Women’s Healthcare Program)

Educational and Vocational Assistance Program

  1. Alternative Learning System (ALS)

Medical and Dental Services

The center attends to the co-morbidities of our residents

Aftercare and Follow-up Services

  1. Psychosocial Services
  2. Family Intervention Program
  3. Ocular Visit to House/Barangay and Community Coordination
  4. Psycho-Educational Program and Random Narco Urine Test
  5. Spiritual and Moral Recovery Program
  6. Community-Based Program and Livelihood Activities



Who May Avail:

  1. Quezon City residents who use drugs and have been evaluated and referred for inpatient treatment
  2. Individuals aged 59 y/o and below, regardless of gender.
  3. Must be physically and mentally fit
  4. Must not have any pending court criminal case and has not been charged with six (6) years or more for voluntary submission/confinement
  5. Must have a Court Order for a drug-related case

Requirements for the admission of Voluntary Submission of PWUDs:

  1. QCitizen ID or any valid ID
  2. Birth certificate for minors without a valid ID
  3. Case Summary report and Endorsement from SSDD for minors aged fourteen (14) y/o and below
  4. Certification of Residency issued by the barangay (6 months validity) or Endorsement from the barangay
  5. One (1) pc. 2×2 ID photo
  6. Court Order, if applicable
  7. Court/Prosecutor Clearance, if applicable.


  1. Bring your requirements directly to QCDTRC Office at Molave Extension, Quezon City, or proceed to the nearest Barangay in your locality the conduct a Screening and Intake Interview.
  2. Screening may also involve Drug Dependency Evaluation, Mental Status Examination at Physical Examination conducted by our In-House DOH-Accredited Physician to determine the relevant program best suited for the patient:
  1. Residential Rehabilitation Program at QCDTRC
  2. Out-Patient – Drug Counseling Module at QCADAAC
  3. Psychiatric Treatment in a Mental Facility for those evaluated with mental problems
  1. If the patient has been evaluated to require Residential Rehabilitation at QCDTRC, the patient must undergo Laboratory Examination and secure a Medical Clearance and COVID-19 RT-PCR test with at least three (3) days validity.  The cost for the procedures shall be at the expense of the patient.
  2. Upon completion and submission of requirements, the patient shall be temporarily admitted to QCDTRC while his petition for voluntary confinement is being processed in the relevant court.  Processing of the petition to the court shall be facilitated by the QCDTRC liaison officer.

Department Directory

Mr. Alfredo M. Foronda
Executive Assistant VI
8988-4242 Loc. 8272

Ms. Jose Canuto M. Layugan
Action Officer
8988-4242 Loc. 8153

SectionOfficer NameOffice AddressContact Information
Medical and Dental SectionDr. Alvin B. Vergara, M.D., DPCP
Molave Extension Diamond Hills, Barangay Payatas (Area B), Quezon City
[email protected]
Program SectionMs. Maricris M. Silla, RSW
Molave Extension Diamond Hills, Barangay Payatas (Area B), Quezon City
[email protected]
Administrative SectionMs. Dawn A. Tan. MPA
Molave Extension Diamond Hills, Barangay Payatas (Area B), Quezon City8400-5025
[email protected]
Aftercare Section

Ms. Teresa Olivia D. Dienzo, RSW
Molave Extension Diamond Hills, Barangay Payatas (Area B), Quezon City8400-5025
[email protected]
Research SectionMs. Anna Victoria F. Simon, RN, MHA
Molave Extension Diamond Hills, Barangay Payatas (Area B), Quezon City8400-5025



QCDTRC has a new building to accommodate more patients and provide a more spacious venue for the conduct of its activities.


QCDTRC has a new medical clinic facility to provide a more comfortable area for the consultation and immediate treatment of its patients/residents.


QCDTRC- Tahanan Citizen's Charter - 2022
QCDTRC- Tahanan Citizen's Charter - 2023

Last updated on August 4th, 2023