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The public library is a catalyst in planning for community development and in the continuous education of the people. It serves as an impartial, non-partisan and non-sectarian agency of information. Next to school, it is commonly called the People’s University. Likewise, the office takes charge of the acquisition, collection, organization, distribution, and preservation of books, non-book materials by purchase, donation, or gift to meet the needs of the reading public and for other purposes of the City Library; dissemination of information through books and non-book materials that promote the educational, economic, moral, social, and cultural wellbeing of the City populace; and facilitates/ supervises the use of the library as venue for audio-visual presentation in the community and other kids of exhibition and activities aimed at increasing the literacy rate by government agencies, non-governmental organizations or private entities in the dissemination of information of general interest.

Brief History

Realizing that the achievement of the goals of a democratic society depends on educated and enlightened citizentry, the Quezon City Public Library was organized and inaugurated on August 16, 1948.

Starting with 4,000 volumes of books donated by the National Library, and with only four (4) employees willing to serve the public, the library was first housed next to the Post Office in one-storey building at the back of the Old City Hall in EDSA.

With the growth in collection of reading materials and personnel, the space became too small. It was during the administration of then Mayor Adelina S. Rodriguez that the Main Library building was constructed in the City Hall Compound in 1982.

To date, there are sixteen (16) branch libraries located in the different districts / barangays of the City, because library services had to expand in order to cope up with the needs of the increasing library patrons.


Mrs. Emelita L. Villanueva
City Librarian
927-9834, Telefax: 922-4060


Records/ Administrative
Ms. Mariza G. Chico
Librarian III

Ms. Mary Ann L. Bernal
Librarian III

Ms. Lucila R. Raquiño
Librarian III


1. Reader’s Services

1.1 Reference and Information Section It houses, books of interest covering the ten (10) main classes of DDC.
1.2 Encyclopedia Section This is where general encyclopedic works including dictionaries, almanac, etc. are housed.
1.3 Filipiniana Section It houses all those books which contents are about the Philippines, its people, history and culture.
1.4 Local History Section It provides information to queries about Quezon City, its present and past officials barangay profiles and Quezon City news clippins. Also, information about Metro Manila municipalities, cities and other provinces.
1.4.1 Childrens corner: Sit back and listen or read along at your own speed to these entertaining and amusing picture books from tumblebook:
1.5 Periodical Section It houses all local and foreign journals, magazines, newspapers, government publications and other forms of serial publications. Vertical files such as pamphlets, brochures and news clippings are also maintained and filed in this section.

2. Multimedia and Internet Services

It provides services to students, employees and other library customers on the use of CD-ROM, Internet and other materials on electronic format. However, printing of information is limited up to 2 pages only and based on some terms and conditions.

3. Technical Services

Takes charge in acquiring and organizing the library’s book collection, through cataloging and classification, preservation and maintenance of library materials. It is also in-charge in updating the database of the Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) the Unin Card Catalog and the Shelf List file of the Library.

4. Records and Administrative Services

Takes charge in maintaining all pertinent records of the library including personnel records, outgoing and incoming communications, employees leave of absence, inventory and payrolls. It is also in0charge of processing of all purchases and acquisitions of library materials. They make arrangements with the suppliers on possible purchases through bidding and sole distributorship.

5. Library Extension Services (Branch Libraries)

Usually organized in cooperation with barangay officials, offering valuable assistance in terms of information dissemination and providing facilities for students and barangay constituents, a place for them to enhance and improved their knowledge. The following Branch libraries are:

QC Public Library Branches


QCPL Citizen Charter 2019

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