Quezon Memorial Circle Administration Office

  • QMC
  • Elliptical Road, Diliman, 1100 Quezon City
  • 8731-8391
  • [email protected]

Office Hours
Monday to Friday            
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Park Operating Hours
Mondays – Sundays           
5:00 AM – 10:00 PM



The Quezon Memorial Circle Administration Office, under the Office of the City Mayor, oversees the operations, maintenance, and development of Quezon Memorial Circle, excluding a one-hectare area covering the Quezon Memorial Shrine, which is under the National Historical Commission of the Philippines (National Historical Institute).

Quezon Memorial Circle is a 27-hectare national park located at the heart of Quezon City that creates opportunities for economic exchange, relaxation, and recreation. The largest recreational park is vital in establishing and maintaining the quality of life in the community, ensuring the health of its constituents, and contributing to the economic and environmental well-being of the City. The park also facilitates the leisure, recreational, and sporting needs of Quezon City constituents and neighboring cities and municipalities by promoting the use of various recreational facilities and venues.


To convert the Quezon Memorial Circle as one of the best parks in the world, with amenities and facilities suited for people of varied ages and from various strata of society.


To transform the Quezon Memorial Circle into a world-class park, a fitting historical shrine and national landmark, and the center of tourism in Quezon City for people from all walks of life, especially the less privileged.

Legal Bases

  • Memorandum of Agreement Between The Quezon City Parks Development Foundation, Inc. (QCPDFI) And The Quezon City Government On The Formal Turn-Over Of Quezon Memorial Circle To The Quezon City Government.
  • Quezon City Council Ordinance No. SP-2136, Series of 2012, “An Ordinance prescribing Minimal Rates For The Use of Various Recreational Facilities Of The Quezon Memorial Circle”.

Service Pledge:

The Quezon Memorial Circle Administration Office commits to:

  • Build a safe, clean, green, and sustainable park
  • Enrich visitor’s experience through the development, beautification, preservation, and maintenance of the park.


Permit for the Use of Venues/ Facilities

Clients who intend to secure a permit to utilize venues/facilities in the park premises.

Permits for conducting Commercial Activities or other relevant events

Clients who intend to secure a permit for commercial activities or other relevant

events, requiring the QMC Management’s authorization. These may be persons/groups who are interested in conducting such as:

a. Filming/ photography

b. Exhibits

c. Merchants

d. Group Activities involving minors/students

e. Other relevant activities


QMC Redevelopment Program

The Quezon City government planned the QMC Redevelopment Program to expand its services, such as restoring green spaces, creating opportunities for economic exchange, and relaxation & recreation in the city.


How to Get a Permit for Using the Venues and Facilities


  1.  Letter of Intent
  2. Application Form


  1. Submit a letter of intent to the QMC Administration Office (QMCAO).
  2. Wait for the approval of the request thru phone call or email.
  3. Receive a notification regarding the status of request. If approved, proceed to QMCAO Reservation Desk.
  4. Fill-up the Application Form and submit it to QMCAO Reservation Desk.
  5. Proceed to Finance & Collection Unit to pay the corresponding fee (if applicable).
  6. Claim the permit and official receipt.
  7. Proceed to the requested venue on the given schedule.

How to Get a Permit for Conducting Commercial Activities or other relevant events.

  1.  Letter of Intent
  2. Application Form


  1. Submit a letter of intent to the QMC Administration Office (QMCAO).
  2. Wait for the approval of the request.
  3. Receive a notification regarding the status of request. If approved, proceed to QMCAO Reservation Desk.
  4. Fill-up the Application Form and submit it to QMCAO Reservation Desk.
  5. Proceed to the Finance & Collection Unit to pay the corresponding fee (if applicable).
  6. Claim the permit and official receipt.
  7. Proceed to the identified area for the conduct of activity.

Department Directory

Mr. Windsor P. Bueno
Department Head
[email protected]

Mr. Ernesto O. Serrano, Jr.
Executive Assistant
[email protected]


QMC Facilities/Amenities

Event Space/ Venues

Liwasang Aurora

Liwasang Aurora is named after Aurora Quezon, the wife of former Philippine President Manuel L. Quezon. It serves as a tribute to Aurora Quezon’s contributions to the country.

An open area with a central Dancing Fountain and park bench seating, the circular paved plaza is decorated in the style of a compass rose. Along with the adjacent stage, it serves as the venue for various events, such as concerts at the Quezon Memorial Circle

Century Hall

Century Hall is an air-conditioned and covered events area with toilets for small gatherings, located near QMC Administration Office.

People’s Hall

People’s Hall is a covered open area that serves as a venue for small gatherings with a maximum of 300 participants. The venue is surrounded by various trees and plants where visitors can feel the fresh air from nature. The venue is commonly used for seminars, training, and celebrating special milestones in life.


Amphitheater Open Space

The Amphitheater is a semi-circular structure with tiered seating that can accommodate many spectators. This venue also has an open-air area surrounded by trees and plants.

This venue, commonly used for various events and performances, provides a space for artists, performers, and local groups to showcase their talents and entertain the public. It is also a venue for community events, festivals, and special occasions.

Recreational Facilities and Amenities

Basketball Court

Volleyball Court

Basketball and Volleyball Courts are popular recreational spots for basketball and volleyball enthusiasts. The courts provide space for both casual pickup games and organized tournaments. Both are easily accessible and attracts players of all ages and skill levels. The courts often sees intense games and friendly competitions, creating a lively and energetic atmosphere.

The facilities surrounding the courts include bleachers or seating areas where spectators can watch the games. Players can use toilets during their games, including a shower room and sink.

Badminton Court

The Badminton Court is a rectangular open space divided into two halves by a net, where badminton is played. The use of the court is available only on a scheduled basis. Interested parkgoers who want to use the Badminton Court are advised to proceed to the Quezon Memorial Circle Administration Office to reserve a schedule and secure a permit.

Chess Area

The Chess Area is an open area near Fitness Trail that provides space for park visitors to play chess. This facility helps them to improve cognitive skills like memory, planning, and problem-solving.

Fitness Trail

The Fitness Trail at Quezon Memorial Circle is a popular destination for fitness enthusiasts, individuals looking to stay active, or those who enjoy outdoor exercise. It provides a safe and open environment for people of all fitness levels to engage in physical activities and enjoy the natural surroundings.

The trail has a designated pathway that loops around the park, offering a scenic and convenient route for walking, jogging, running, and other fitness activities. There are fitness stations strategically placed along the path. These stations may include exercise equipment, such as pull-up bars, sit-up benches, allowing visitors to incorporate strength and conditioning exercises into their workout routine.


The Playground provides various benefits for children, families, and communities. It promotes children’s physical, social, cognitive, and emotional development. This area offers a safe and inclusive play space, fosters community connections, and contributes to the overall well-being of individuals and communities.

Peace Bell

The Peace Bell is a significant symbol of peace and unity. It provides visitors with a moment of reflection and contemplation, reminding them of the importance of peace and unity in the world.

Japan donated it to the Philippines as a gesture of friendship and goodwill, serving as a reminder of the enduring bond between the two nations. The bell is housed in a dedicated structure and is often rung during special occasions and events that promote peace and harmony.

Visitors to the Quezon Memorial Circle can approach the Peace Bell and admire its intricate design. It is not uncommon for visitors to ring the bell as a symbolic act of spreading peace and goodwill.


Flower Garden

Flower Garden

The Flower Garden showcases a variety of ornamental flowers, plants, and landscaped areas. Visitors can enjoy a visually appealing experience as they stroll through the garden and admire the different floral arrangements.

The garden is meticulously landscaped, with pathways, benches, and seating areas for visitors to relax and appreciate the surroundings. It is a popular spot for nature lovers, photographers, and families looking for a peaceful and picturesque setting.

Elevated Garden

The Elevated Garden is an open-air area surrounded by trees with elevated areas for gatherings and performances. It is ideal for nature enthusiasts, botany enthusiasts, and those seeking a peaceful escape within the bustling city.

Other Commercial Spaces

Plant Stalls Area

Plant stalls within the park premises are available to sell various plants to park visitors. These plants can include flowers, shrubs, herbs, trees, and other greenery. The stall provides a convenient location for people to browse and purchase plants for their gardens, balconies, or indoor spaces.

Plant stalls encourage community engagement and interaction, and act as a gathering point for people interested in gardening, horticulture, or the natural environment. Park visitors may engage in conversations, exchange gardening tips, or attend workshops and demonstrations organized at the park.

Food Stalls/Kiosks Area

Food stalls and kiosks within the park premises allow visitors to replenish their energy and enjoy a meal or a snack while spending time in the park. These offers convenient and accessible food options, catering to different tastes and dietary preferences.

Having food stalls in the park saves visitors the worry of leaving the park premises to find food elsewhere. It eliminates the need to bring own meals or snacks, as visitors can easily purchase refreshments from the stalls. This convenience makes the park experience more enjoyable and encourages people to spend more time in the park.

Foot Traffic Report during QC Pride Festival at the Quezon Memorial Circle

Advance Forces Security reported a total of 117,366 people visited the Quezon Memorial Circle during the QC Pride Festival on June 24, 2023, from 5:00 am – 10:00 pm.

Valentine’s Day-themed display

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, QMC management set-up decorations to attract the crowd visiting the Valentine’s Day-themed display. Through this Instagrammable site, parkgoers were encouraged to capture moments with their families, friends, and loved ones. QMC management used recycled materials from previous Christmas Decoration in constructing and decorating the Valentine’s Day-themed displays.


QMC Citizen Charter

Last updated on August 11th, 2023