What is the Quezon City Healthy Public Food Procurement Policy?

The Quezon City Healthy Public Food Procurement Policy is a directive to ensure that all food procured and served by the City Government are healthy and compliant to the Quezon City Nutrition Guidelines and Criteria based on the Philippine Dietary Reference Intake, World Health Organization’s five (5) keys to a healthy diet and the recommended nutrition intake for Filipinos.

When was this enacted and what is the aim of this policy?

This was enacted last July 23, 2021 to (1) provide a diverse and nutritionally balanced food, (2) promote the consumption of whole and fresh food over processed food, (3) ensure the serving of more fruits and vegetables, (4) eliminate trans-fat, and (5) limit free sugars and sodium or salt.

Why did the City Government enact this policy?

Quezon City has always been strong advocate of healthy living. As a signatory to the C40 Good Food Declaration, the city committed to further promote healthy diets among the City’s residents to help lower the risks of acquiring non-communicable diseases while also having co-benefits on climate action. The policy also creates economic opportunities to our local farmers as it promotes the consumption of vegetables that are locally produced.

What is the coverage of this policy?

It covers the procurement of food served in the city operated hospitals, schools, day care centers, offices/departments along with the events organized by the City Government.

Who are the main actors/lead Departments in its Implementation?

The City Administrator’s Office is tasked to oversee the implementation of the policy while the Nutritionist’s and Dieticians of the City Health Department are tasked to assess the food procured by the City Government. Support departments include the procurement Department and the Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability Department.

Is there a guide that can be used by the suppliers and end-users alike to be able to comply with the said policy?

There is a healthy food cookbook developed for publication containing healthy recipes to serve as reference. It also contains sample cycle menu recommended for both adults and children and a directory of the model farms where they can source fresh produce.
A scorecard was also devised to guide the nutritionists and dietitians as well as the Procurement Department to assess the food procured by the City.