Q: How to apply as Bike Patrol? / How to be part of DPOS-GTO?

A: As of the moment, the office is not hiring. Rest assured; we’ll be posting an update on our page when there is an opening.

Q: Can I park on the bike lane when I turn my hazard light on?

A: Unfortunately, as stated by the fines and penalties of City Ordinance SP-2988, S-2020, any obstruction or usage of motorists on bikes lanes is strictly prohibited, regardless of the duration they park their vehicles. Violators will be subjected to fines and penalties.

Q: What about the bikes that are not in the bike lane, do they have penalties?

A: As of right now, there is no existing law or ordinance that penalizes cyclist that are not using bike lanes, however, once the bike lane network of Quezon City is fully interconnected and completed, this will be taken into consideration.

Q: Can you please operate this area? Ex. Commonwealth Avenue.

A: Thank you for the information, we have received your concern and noted this area in the list of our conflict areas for operation. Kindly wait for an update on our page regarding the results of our operation.

Q: Can cyclist counter flow inside bike lanes?

A: As of the moment, there is no law or ordinance prohibiting counter flowing of cyclists inside bike lanes, however, we highly discourage counter flowing, especially, in one way bike lanes, because it might cause accidents and can cause congestion.

Q: How much are the fines and penalties for using bike lanes?

A: The mandated fines and penalties by City Ordinance SP-2988, S-2020 for using Bike Lanes are as follows:

1,000 Pesos for 1st offense

3,000 Pesos for 2nd offense

5,000 Pesos for 3rd offense

Q: What are the striped lines at the side of the Bike lane?

A: The white striped lines are “Buffer Lanes” where motorists can temporarily park to unload passengers.

Q: Does the  Green Transport Office cover the EDSA bike lanes?

A: No. EDSA is considered a  national road. For more information on EDSA bike lanes you may get on touch with DPWH, MMDA at DoTr.