Who are qualified to avail of the free medicines?

All senior citizens who are registered in the city are qualified to avail of the free medicines

How can one join the program?

If you are a registered senior citizen of the city, you are automatically qualified to be part of the program.

If not a registered senior citizen, you may proceed to your nearest health center, bring your QCID or your old OSCA ID for registration

What illnesses are covered under the program?

Hypertension, Diabetes and High Cholesterol

What are the free medicines?

  • Losartan 50mg and Amlopidine (5mg) for hypertension
  • Metformin (500mg) for diabetes
  • Simvastatin (20mg) for high cholestrol

When can the beneficiaries claim the medicines?

Every first Tuesday of the month is designated SENIOR CITIZENS DAY in QC health centers and the monthly allocation will be released on this day.

Is the senior citizen card needed to claim the medicine? And the QCID too?

The QCID or the OSCA ID will serve as proof that you are registered in the city.  If  senior citizen does not have any, you can rgister in the health center

What if the prescribed medicine is not in the list given for free?

If the prescribed medicine is not given for free by the LGU, the health center doctor will refer the patients to the Social Services Development Department to avail of a medical assistance

Can a representative claim the medicines?

A relative or neighbour can claim the medicines in your behalf as long they are given proper authorization

The representative should bring the authorization letter,  photocopy if the senior’s ID and the representative’s ID. 

Is there a limit in claiming of free medicines?

The registered senior citizen can only claim their allocation once a month

Are seniors required to get a medical certificate to avail of the free medicines?

A medical certificate is not required.  The health center doctors will be the one to make the diagnosos and assessment of the senior for proper prescription

Prescriptions not older than three months will be honored.

Is there a contact number one can call to know if the medicines are available?

One can contact the nearest health center in your area: Barangay Health Center Directory

What if the senior citizen is bedridden or unable to travel, can someone register in their behalf?

If the interested senior applicant is bedridden or unable to travel,  pls inform the nearest health center and the attending doctor will make a house call to make a diagnosis, register in the program, give proper prescription and release the medicines

Is there a specific day and time to register for the program?

Registration to the program is from Monday to Friday, 8AM to 5PM, just bring the QCID or OSCA ID.  While the release of medicines is every first Tuesday of the month