QC gov’t cracks down on overpricing, fraudulent weighing scales in public, private markets

QC gov’t cracks down on overpricing, fraudulent weighing scales in public, private markets

Amid the implementation of the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ), the Quezon City government’s Market Development and Administration Department (MDAD) has issued hundreds of notice of violations to vendors in various public and private markets for overpricing and fraudulent weighing scales.

According to MDAD head Procorpio Lipana, from March 17 to April 28, 2020, the department has issued a total of 211 notice of violations for 249 infractions such as overpricing, fraudulent weighing scales and the absence of price tags, among others.

Based on MDAD’s record, 109 cases of fraudulent weighing scales and 90 instances of overpricing were tallied.

“We give vendors a chance to explain their pricing because prices now are affected due to supply issues. If proven as overpricing, they will need to pay the corresponding penalty when they renew business permit,” Lipana explained.

“The MDAD also confiscates fraudulent weighting scales and have them recalibrated but vendors have to pay the penalty as well,” he added.

Mayor Joy Belmonte has ordered the MDAD to conduct regular inspections in public and private markets and talipapas to guard against overpricing amid the ECQ.

“I have ordered the MDAD to keep a close watch on all markets, whether private or public, to ensure that vendors follow the suggested retail prices,” said Belmonte.

“Kailangan nating protektahan ang mga mamimili laban sa posibleng pananamantala sa gitna ng umiiral na ECQ,” she added.

Lipana has formed four teams that go around various markets in the city’s six districts to monitor violations and ensure social distancing.

The city government recently installed closed-circuit television cameras in different public and private markets to monitor if social distancing is strictly followed to prevent the spread of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

Meanwhile, Lipana encouraged illegal vendors to join the city government’s Fresh Market on Wheels so they can sell their products in various barangays legally.


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