Quezon City’s 1st Climate Action Fair for Students Held at Commonwealth HS

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The QC Government, through the Environmental Protection and Waste Management Department (EPWMD), held the first Climate Action Fair and Exhibit for students at Commonwealth High School today, March 20, 2018.

Dubbed ECOAKO, the one-day event aims to provide high school students with practical eco-education and call to action for climate change. The event is part of the city government’s campaign to enjoin individual citizens to take action on climate change.

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EPWMD head Frederika Rentoy and Noel Valerio, assistant principal of Commonwealth High School, led the students in taking their oath to support action on climate change and later signed the wall of support.
Commonwealth High School, QC’s green school, was chosen as venue for the event due to its environment-friendly programs. The school won first place in the EPWMD’s Eco Savers Project and one of the first schools in the city to join EPWMD’s waste recycling project.

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Valerio said that Commonwealth High School is the pilot school for solar energy use.
The installation of solar panels in the three school buildings of Commonwealth High School was part of Mayor Bautista’s directive to adopt alternative energy sources for the city’s public schools.
The city’s Environment Policy Council decided to install solar panels first at the city’s biggest public school, Commonwealth High School, with the other schools next on the list.
Valerio said the school was able to save as much as 25 % from its total electricity expenses after the solar panels were installed.

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Meanwhile at the ECOAKO Exhibit, Dr. Lydia Pedernal, Sikap Buhay and livelihood leader at Barangay Holy Spirit, said that all the products displayed on their booth were made from recycled materials such as plastic, paper and cardboard, among others.
Bobby Hernandez, head of the barangay’s solid waste management section, said that they also sell fertilizers from their compost as well as floor tiles made from discarded PVC pipes.
Barangay Holy Spirit is a Hall of Fame awardee in the 2017 Barangay Seal of Good Housekeeping for winning.

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It has been consistently cited as one of the best barangays in terms of solid waste management through segregation, reuse, composing and recycling. Its "Gulayan sa Barangay" project uses fertilizer derived from waste materials from its compost. The vegetables harvested from the garden provide income to its poor residents.
Barangay Holy Spirit is also the only barangay in QC that has its own garbage collection system, independent from the city government. It has 11 garbage trucks and has its own environmental police monitoring the garbage collection and segregation.
In 2014, it won MMDA’s Barangay Power award as the as the cleanest, healthiest and the best Barangay in Solid Waste Management Practice,(Category A), with PhP 1 million worth of livelihood assistance.

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