QC Launches First Clinical Laboratory Services in Health Center


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The Quezon City Government inaugurated today, May 10, 2018, the first clinic that that will offer clinical laboratory services to the public at the barangay health center in Barangay Apolonio (District 1) and the city plans to establish five more similar clinics in other districts of the city.

The setting-up of clinical laboratory services in QC health centers is provided for by Ordinance No. SP 2686, series of 2018, also known as the "Quezon City Clinical Laboratory Ordinance".

The clinical laboratory services in QC public health centers are expected to enhance public access to quality health services as well as provide people with services for pre-employment medical examination.

The services of the clinical laboratories will include hematology, clinical microscopy, microbiology, serology and immunohematology, clinical chemistry, electrolyte tests and laboratory package.

Based on the ordinance, each clinical laboratory will have a medical officer, a medical technologist, a laboratory aide a clerk and one utility worker.

Under the ordinance, service fees will be charged for the corresponding services:


1. Hematology

Complete Blood Count with Platelet Count

PhP 180.00

Platelet Count

Php 104.00


PhP 70.00



ABO and RH

PhP 130.00

RH Typing

PhP 100.00

2. Clinical Microscopy


PhP 45.00


Php 40.00

Occult Blood

PhP 50.00

Pregnancy Test

PhP 150.00

3. Microbiology

AFP Seminar

PhP 97.00

Gram Stain

Php 100.00


PhP 100.00

4. Serology and Immunology


PhP 200.00


Php 160.00

HIV Test

PhP 310.00

Dengue IgM and IgG

PhP 600.00

5. Clinical Chemistry


PhP 155.00


Php 155.00


PhP 100.00


PhP 105.00

Blood Uric Acid

PhP 100.00

Fasting Blood Sugar (FBS)

PhP 140.00


PhP 160.00


PhP 125.00

High Density Lipoprotein

PhP 250.00

Low Density Lipoprotein

PhP 280.00


PhP 700.00

6. Electrolytes


PhP 130.00


Php 150.00


PhP 150.00


PhP 105.00


Senior citizens, solo parents, persons with disability (PWDs), and government employees can avail of discounted rates in the Laboratory Package services. Senior citizens with OSCA IDs, solo parents with SSDD-issued IDs and PWDs with PDAO IDs can avail of 30 percent discount. QC Local Government employees (permanent) and their dependents can avail of 20 percent discount in the laboratory package services.

Exempted from paying the service fees are indigent residents of QC (if certified by the SSDD) and those enrolled by the LGU and other sponsors who may avail the TSEK-UP PACKAGE such as elected City and barangay officials, day care center teachers, community health workers and those endorsed by the SSDD to the QCHD as well as all teaching and non-teaching personnel of the DepEd in Quezon City.


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