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Quezon City Upgrades Firefighting Capability with Acquisition of Two Unmanned Machines

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The Quezon City Government has acquired two LUF 60 Unmanned Firefighting Machines, enhancing the city’s firefighting capability.

QCDRRMO and QC Fire Department personnel has started training on how to operate the machines.


The LUF 60 is mobile firefighting supporting machine that can be operated by wireless remote. It can clear the path up to a distance of 300 meters by using a high capacity positive pressure ventilator and a “water beam” fog. The combination of the ventilator and water beam would clear away smoke, heat, toxic gases and reduce the intensity of the fire, thus allowing fire fighters and rescue teams to advance safely. The state of the art control elements ensure easy handling and high precision operation.

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The radio-controlled unit has additional back-up manual controls in case of a power supply failure. A crawler track system ensures high mobility and flexibility and enable the machine to go up and down stairways as steep as 30 degrees. It can push or “bulldoze” a normal family car out of the way.

The Mobile Firefighting Supporting Machine LUF 60 offers safe working conditions for fire fighters and rescue-teams.

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credits: Kenneth Lopez -QCDRRMO

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