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QC Welcomes UK’S Senior Business Manager


With the focus of assisting the Quezon City Government in furthering its reforms in ease of doing business, the United Kingdom Government’s Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) sent its assistant director, Stephen Wilkins, on a scoping mission in the city’s Business One Stop Shop.

This is part of their information gathering initiative that may lead to a cooperation agreement with the Philippine Government on a technical assistance program funded by the UK Government’s Prosperity Fund.
In Wilkins’ discussions with business permits licensing chief Garry Domingo, both agreed that streamlining efforts must be balanced with considerable regard for public welfare, especially health and safety. Wilkins also observed that severe sanctions may have the unwanted effect of government workers choosing to take only simple cases, and veer away from tackling complex issues because they might be penalized as a result of longer time needed to resolve these.


Mr. Domingo emphasized the need for government to come up with realistic policies to ensure that reforms at streamlining are doable while continuing to enable agencies to fulfill their respective mandates. “What we need are clear-cut policies from the national government that fits and works at the local level,” Domingo Said.

Wilkins was accompanied by representatives of the Department of Trade and Industry’s Competitiveness Bureau, which is also working with the UK Government on Project Repeal or Slash the Red Tape Campaign, to reduce unnecessary regulations in government transactions.

To date, the city government under the administration of Mayor Herbert Bautista, has been actively and continuously undertaking reforms to ease the process of registering businesses and applying for construction permits, including the use of electronic payment options for local business taxes.


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