QC Opens Pre-bid for Proposed Waste Management Facility


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Quezon City will be embarking on a big ticket venture for public-private partnership with the development of the proposed Q.C Integrated Solid Waste Management Facility Project.

On Thursday (November 22), the city government held a pre-bid conference for the proposed project, which forms part of the city’s continuing effort to provide a long-term strategy in addressing the city’s garbage disposal needs.

Participants is the pre-bid conference included Manila Water Solutions, Keppel Corporation and representatives from two law firms.

According to City administrator Aldrin Cuna, the proposed project will be the first public-private partnership venture for the city since the approval of the QC Public-Private Partnership Code in 2014.

To date, Cuna Said, Quezon City is the only local government unit in the country operating its own PPP Code.

Meanwhile, environmental protection and waste management department head Frederika Rentoy said the proposed project can create employment opportunities amounting to P240 million per year and P79 million per year during construction and operation.

The project’s economic benefit shall also include the reduction of green house gases and the generation of electricity.

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At least P27 billion has been projected as the cost savings for the project Rentoy said, as a result of expenses saved by the city government from reduced hauling costs.

Meanwhile, the EPWMD head noted that the city’s share of revenues for the project will be sourced from the dividend share arising from the 5 percent equity and real property tax share.

As early as 2015, the city government has received numerous technical assistance for the adoption of the most appropriate technology in addressing the city’s waste disposal needs.

An unsolicited proposal calling for the establishment of an Integrated Solid Waste Management Facility from a consortium composed of Metro Pacific Investments Corporation (MPIC), Covanta and Macquarie, was received by the city government in September 2016.

To date, said proposal has undergone initial evaluation, with the consortium now granted original proponent status.

According to EPWMD, Quezon City generates about 2,700 metric tons per day. Of the total, 54 percent are considered biodegradable.

As an offshoot of the closure of the Payatas Sanitary Landfill in 2017, Quezon City now disposes its waste at the Rizal Sanitary Landfill.



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