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Quezon City to use solar power for improving disaster risk management with support of C40 Cities Finance Facility


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The C40 Cities Finance Facility will help solarise schools to provide reliable and undisrupted power supply to support disaster risk management for Quezon City
The project will build resilience to managing climate change related extreme weather events while increasing clean, renewable energy generation in the city.

Quezon City, Philippines (28 November 2018) – Quezon City is going to tap into the power of the sun to build resilience to extreme weather events. The city, supported by the C40 Cities Finance Facility (CFF), will develop the business case for solar rooftops on 50 public schools in the city. Schools are an integral part of Quezon City, as well as the Philippines’, disaster risk management framework since they are used as evacuation and relief centres during extreme weather events and flooding. The City will then be able to roll-out solar rooftops to all public schools, public buildings and social housing projects.

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The project will also help the city lower energy costs by reducing the consumption of expensive electricity from the electricity grid. Clean solar energy will also help improve air quality and reduce air pollution in the city. The project will provide a replicable model not just for solarisation of rooftops in Quezon City but also the Manila Metropolitan Region, giving a nationwide boost to solar power development in the country. The City is already conducting a pilot of solar PV rooftop project on the Commonwealth High School.

Quezon City is one of the 9 cities that will receive technical support from the CFF. The CFF assistance will include technical feasibility studies for rooftop solar projects and development of public private partnership models. The CFF will also help train city staff in the planning and design of solar PV rooftop systems for buildings.


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The announcement of support was made at the CFFactory – an international conference on cities, climate change, and finance. The conference is bringing together cities, urban practitioners, national governments, NGOs and financial institutions to explore solutions to financing challenges for cities; across developing and emerging economies. The CFFactory is co-hosted by the C40 Cities Finance Facility and Senate of Berlin from the 28th to 30th of November at the Berlin City Hall.

“The mayors of the world’s great cities know what needs to be done to create the healthy, prosperous and sustainable cities of the future. Investors and global financial institutions need to step up and match the bold ambition being displayed by mayors”, said Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris and Chair of C40. “I’m delighted that, with support from the C40 Cities Finance Facility, these nine cities will deliver the transformation that citizens are demanding for their communities.”
“The CFF’s support for the solarization of public schools in Quezon City defines an entry point for bold and transformational climate action that brings about concrete environmental, economic and social benefits to our communities, especially the youth. This partnership affirms our global commitment and inspires us to amplify our efforts towards an inclusive, low carbon and resilient urban development pathway” said Herbert Bautista, Mayor of Quezon City.


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