Quezon City Steps Up Efforts in Low Carbon Development

qc low carbon development

 The Quezon City Government, led by the QC Environmental Protection and Waste Management Department (QC EPWMD), is adding more projects aimed at reducing carbon and GHG emissions, as part of efforts under the city to city collaboration agreement signed by Quezon City and Osaka City last year.

City Administrator Aldrin C. Cuña, together with QC EPWMD head Ms. Frederika Rentoy, welcomed representatives from Osaka City to the workshop on low carbon development held on January 18.
Together with members of the technical working group, composed of representatives from various city departments and offices, the low carbon initiatives of the city were discussed in the workshop which include among others, the presentation of Low Carbon Society (LCS) Scenario of Quezon City, Local Climate Change Action Plan (LCCAP) programs and projects, Result of the Feasibility Study conducted by Osaka City which promotes eco-car, Preliminary Study on the Settlement Condition of Payatas Landfill Site and Future City to City Cooperation Projects.

qc low carbon development2

The department also presented various projects currently being undertaken by the city based on the Local Climate Change Action Plan (QC LCCAP) 2017-2027. The projects were anchored on the seven pillars of the Plan which include food security, water sufficiency, ecosystem and environmental efficiency, human security, climate smart industries and services, knowledge and capacity development and sustainable energy.

qc low carbon development3
 Aside from the LCCAP programs and projects, the department also presented initiatives undertaken by the city government to promote Low Carbon Society Scenario which include the following projects:

qc low carbon development table1

qc low carbon development table2

qc low carbon development table3

Representatives of a Japanese consulting firm also presented the possible location of a planned solar power facility in the Payatas landfill.

qc low carbon development4




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