No Challenge to Pioneering QC Waste to Energy Proposal



There were no challengers submitting comparative proposals for Quezon City’s Waste-to-Energy project, as of submission deadline of February 4, 2019 at 3pm.  The City Government’s Public Private Partnership Selection Committee (PPP-SC) has therefore moved to endorse to Mayor Herbert Bautista, the proposal of the lone proponent, the consortium of Metro Pacific Investment Corporation, Covanta Energy LLC, and Macquarie Capital Ltd.  The next move is a request for the City Council to grant authority to the mayor to sign the contract with the consortium.


The consortium submitted an unsolicited proposal to the QC-LGU and was recognized by the QC PPP-SC as the Original Proponent.  The QC-LGU thereafter launched a Swiss Challenge, in accordance with PPP rules, inviting other proponents to match the offer.  The empty bid box shown last February 4 confirmed that no other bid proposals were received, announced PPP-SC head City Administrator Aldrin Cuña.

This opens the doors to a lasting legacy that will be left by the Bautista Administration to a project that will continuously provide lasting benefits to the people in Quezon City.  The project involves Biodegradable Source Separated Waste Treatment and Residual Combustible Waste Treatment Technologies capable of processing up to 3,000 metric tons of municipal solid waste (MSW) per day and generating 36 MWe (net) of electricity.  This, according to the MPIC, is twice the current electricity needs of the local government.  The project will make the need for maintaining landfills unnecessary, while generating a project with high potential for new employment opportunities.  In turn, this will lead to reduced greenhouse gas emissions, because of the avoidance of a landfill.


The Philippine PPP Center, which has guided the Quezon City PPP-SC and its technical working group all through its processes.  The technical working group was led by the city government’s Environmental Protection and Waste Management Department headed by Ms. Frederika Rentoy, which is directly in-charge of the waste management program of the city.  

It is a pioneering program, the first in the Philippines, according to the PPP Center.  Calling Quezon City a very progressive local government, Ms. Mia Mary Sebastian of the PPP Center said, “We commend the local government for looking at the long-term future as well as the use of innovative technologies for the long-term solution to solid waste management,”.  “This is the first local government that we have assisted that has closed in terms of its Swiss challenge process for an unsolicited proposal.”

This is a Php 22 billion project which will involve the provision of the following infrastructure facilities: biodegradable source separated organics facility, residual combustible waste treatment facility, monofill for fly ash disposal, and other ancillary facilities like continuous emission monitoring system, transmission lines and other support facilities.  The concession period is 35 years.


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