QC Govt Regulates Use of E-Cigarettes or Vaping in Public

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     The Quezon City Government has restricted the use of electronic-cigarettes (e-cigarettes) or vaping in public places.
    Under Ordinance SP No. 2737, series of 2018, the use of e-cigarettes indoors is prohibited in churches or places of worship, hospitals or health centers, government offices, educational and recreational facilities intended for minors and public conveyances.
    In other enclosed places not mentioned in the list, the owner, proprietor, manager or administrator of the place must post a clear and noticeable sign in every entrance of the building that says: “Use of e-cigarettes is Allowed Inside”.
    The ordinance also requires owners and administrators of buildings or establishments with enclosed areas that are open to the public, such as private workplaces and other places to designate a vaping area within the building, which may be in an open space or a separate area with proper ventilation. The designated vaping area must not be located within the same room that has been designated as a smoking area.
    Aside from these restrictions, the ordinance also prohibits retailers to sell, distribute, promote and advertise e-cigarettes to minors.
     The penalties for violating this ordinance include the following:
    1st offense – a fine of not less than five hundred pesos (PhP 500.00) but not more than one thousand pesos (PhP1000.00)
  • 2nd offense – a fine of more than one thousand pesos (PhP1000.00) but not more than two thousand and five hundred pesos (PhP2500.00)
  • 3rd offense – In addition to a fine of not less than two thousand and five hundred pesos (PhP2500.00) but not more than five thousand pesos (PhP5000.00), the business permit and license to operate of the offender may be cancelled or revoked.
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