QC Undergoes World Bank Review



Quezon City, as the benchmark city for the Philippines for ease of doing business, was visited and interviewed by World Bank assessment team members, along with International Finance Corporation consultants, and the Department of Trade and Industry on May 3, 2019.  The Bank’s specialists were Frederic Meunier and Eknath Varun.  This review, which also includes several other national agencies, is to verify information regarding the Philippines for the World Bank Global Ranking on doing business in different cities of the world.




They reviewed the operations of the city government’s one stop shops for Construction and Occupancy Permits and for new Business Registration.  They also saw the first day of operation of the city government’s latest innovation, the Property Transfer Application Program (PTAP).  Through the PTAP kiosk, one can apply for a certified copy of a tax declaration in just one location and get results within an hour.  Other documents that can be obtained from PTAP are the tax clearance from the City Treasurer, certification of “with improvement” from the City Assessor’s Office, and transfer tax payments.


Quezon City is the first local government to operationalize a one-stop shop for construction permits that integrates the application and processes of the Building Official, the Zoning Administrator for the locational clearance for construction, and the Bureau of Fire Protection-Quezon City, for the issuance of the fire safety inspection certificate.  In the processing system for occupancy permits, also integrated in the process are the services of the City Assessor in the issuance of a tax declaration for the new structure.  This one-stop shop processes permits for simple structures, which includes single family dwellings of not more than 3 storeys high; commercial buildings of not more than 2 storeys high; interior renovations inside a building which already has a building permit and an occupancy permit; stalls or stores inside malls; and warehouses of not more than 2 storeys high, which is not for the storage of hazardous and combustible materials.


The City Government also operates a Business One Stop Shop which provides a 2-step process for new business registration:  just apply with complete documents and pay.  After which, you will be handed your business registration and business plate by a concierge.


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