New Infrastructure at QC Hall Aimed to Provide Public Convenience


Mayor Bautista has been launching a large number of city- needed infrastructure projects, the latest of which is the Finance Blg. The LGU's infrastructure program at city hall is meant to fully rationalize the location of offices and departments in the compound, such that those with similar or related services or functions can be located and accessed more easily by the public.


This is the vision of the mayor, as he seeks more convenience to the public, more rationality in the location of offices, and eventually more walkable access through the spread of greenery and walkways, including elevated pedestrian bridges linking buildings.


The buildings still rising are the Social Services building and the Health Department building which will be medium-rise structures with open ground floor areas where waiting clientele or congregating staff can more comfortably congregate.


The mayor's infrastructure program has also responded to urgent needs such as the retrofitting of the more than 50 year old city hall buildings, the need for better suited warehousing areas for supplies and documents, and the construction of an archive building for important documents required by law to be retained for many years.
Photos by Raymond Mercado / Ramir Clave

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