Mayor-Elect Belmonte Highlights City Council Achievements

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Mayor-elect Joy Belmonte delivered her Ulat ng Bayan last June 24, 2019, highlighting the achievements of the Quezon City Council which she has presided over for the past nine years. 

Recently, the 20th city council, was conferred the National Local Legislative Award for most outstanding city council in the Philippines, by the Department of the Interior and Local Government.  The DILG lauded measures passed by the city government that are firsts in the country and were later copied by other cities and the national government.

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The 20th City Council passed 298 ordinances and 948 resolutions, as a result of a productive 86.73% attendance per session.  The city’s ordinances can be accessed easily through a mobile application called “Batas QC,” a user-friendly data base accessible through the use of a smart phone.  This has been useful for law enforcers as well as the general public, for more enlightened knowledge about rules and penalties concerning local laws.

Priority of the City Council has been anti-poverty measures which include local legislation that created the micro and small business development and promotions center, the code covering the informal economy, the incentives for barangay health workers, as well as the Comprehensive Housing Code which guides the socialized housing program of the city government.  Mayor-elect Belmonte declared that, under her Administration, there will be no demolition of informal settlements unless an in-city relocation is provided.

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Another landmark ordinance is that which provides incentives for solo parents under the Solo Parents Act, a local legislation which has been emulated by other LGUs.She also said that she wanted Quezon City to aspire for global standards in doing business, which will lead to improvements in the Business Permits and Licensing Department.

Responding to the appeal of real property taxpayers who were reeling from the impact of the tax reforms under the national government’s TRAIN law, she said that the City Council suspended the implementation of the ordinance adjusting fair market values of real property in the city, thereby providing tax relief.  She declared that this suspension will be in effect throughout her term.

Other landmark ordinances passed by the City Council include:  the Road Safety Code of Quezon City, the revised Traffic Management Code, the Local Building Code, the updated Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance, the dangerous drugs code, and the responsible gaming ordinance.


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