Mayor Belmonte: Hiring and promotions will be based on merit; warns scalawags

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July 1, 2019.  Mayor Joy Belmonte addressed Quezon City government employees at her first flag raising ceremony as mayor.  She assured contractual employees that their contracts will be renewed, recognizing their contributions in service delivery and the continuous operations of the city government.  In fact, in the previous week before her formal assumption into office, she already sent a memo to heads of departments and other operating units to submit recommendations on the renewal of contracts of their employees, together with an evaluation of each of their performance.  She had given permission to the Health and Social Services Departments to order their contractual employees to report for duty, so that these vital services will continue to proceed. 

She acknowledged that some City Government employees had served the government far longer than she had, and recognized their important role in the LGU’s operations.  She emphasized that employees need not rise when they see her, as she is a public servant just like them.

She shared that her aspiration for standards will be like Singapore, where the morale of public servants was raised by rewarding meritocracy through promotions.  She advised employees not to get “endorsement letters” from Councilors simply to assure their employment, and asked her former colleagues at the City Council not to issue any endorsement letters to push for the hiring of certain employees.  Hiring and promotions will be based on merit.

The city government’s Human Resource Development Department (HRDD) will be directed to have a human resource development program to enable those who have long been serving at the local government, to obtain the qualifications they need (whether by way of academic degrees, civil service eligibility, or others) to get promoted and obtain the benefits they deserve.

She will direct the convening of the Personnel Selection Board to fill up vacant positions in the QC-LGU.

As a reward for excellent performance, she will expand the Manuel L. Quezon Gawad Parangal to include a recognition for outstanding employees of Quezon City, who will enjoy incentives based on Civil Service rules, as part of her program of good governance.

At the same time, Mayor Belmonte is determined to cleanse the City government of miscreants.  For those who are betrayers of public trust, she warned that she is not afraid to file the necessary complaints if that is what it takes to clean up the City government and to make it a well-functioning professional organization.

She will organize a team of validators for anonymous text complaints by employees against other employees.  She wants the HRDD to activate the grievance committee, as mandated by the Civil Service.

She further warned, “I am not afraid to call out names.  I am not afraid to call out wrongdoings in this city.  If you are among them, I will put you to shame!”

She thanked Mayor Herbert Bautista for the orderly transition and called for unity.  She reiterated that she had always emphasized, “Walang maiiwan.  Lahat ng empleyado ng pamahalaan, kasama kayo sa pag-unlad ng lungsod.” 


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