Excerpt from Manila Bulletin Q&A with Mayor Joy Belmonte


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Q& A with Metro Manila Mayors:  What are your priorities in your first 100 days?


  1. House Cleaning: Strict housekeeping and internal governance policy starting with an executive order to create an Internal Audit Unit team under the Office of the Mayor. To rid city hall of scalawags and non-performing personnel, ensure that good and honest behavior is “incentivized and acts considered as betrayals of public trust are penalized.” A Personnel Selection Board will be created to fill up vacant plantilla positions and promote personnel based on meritocracy and not palakasan (strong connections). Establish a feedback mechanism such as call centers to enable local residents to air their complaints and concerns.
  2. Baseline data. To know “our city and our people,” to identify priorities by order of importance; to craft tailor-fitted programs and projects that best address needs and to maximize the use of resources and avoid leakage or wastage of public funds. To provide all QC residents automated QCitizen card that will help city hall “spread out service delivery and make sure they get the services they need.”
  3. All planning must be made within the first 100 days using the baseline data collected to establish targets, objectives, and Key Performance Indicators (KPI). To stick with the plans made by the City Development Council as encapsulated in the City Development Plan and Annual Investment Plan to avoid “whimsical projects” and to ensure that all projects are need-based.
  4. Decentralization. To decentralize service delivery to bring the government closer to the people, providing them with comfort and transacting their business requirements at city hall. The plan is to create mini city halls in various parts of the city to make services more accessible and convenient.
  5. Service with a heart. To enforce some ordinance-based and doable programs in the first 100 days – stocking up on medicines in the city-run hospitals and health centers, on-call duty of city health personnel, provide maintenance medicines to seniors suffering from hypertension and diabetes, and administering flu and pneumonia vaccines. To enter into public-private partnerships to ensure continuous projects and service delivery.
  6. Anti- Illegal drugs campaign. To strengthen the city’s anti-illegal drug efforts by enlisting volunteers in barangays, intensify efforts to fight illegal drugs and to provide optimum assistance to reforming drug users.

Excerpt from Manila Bulletin, June 30, 2019



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