The City Government maintains two One Stop Shops:

1. The Business Permits One Stop Shop (BOSS) is the integrated location for new business permit applications and for renewals of business permits. Through BOSS, an applicant for a new business goes through a single location for the basic requirements for starting his or her business in Quezon City. At BOSS, the application is processed simultaneously by the Business Permits and Licensing Department for business registration, by the Zoning Administrator for the locational clearance, and by the Bureau of Fire protection-Quezon City, for fire safety inspection.

It is also in this location where the applicant pays for all fees and charges, through a single Tax Bill, and where he or she receives the corresponding Business Permit and Business Plate, once the application is approved. A concierge is available to assist the new applicant through the process.

The Business Permits One Stop Shop is located at the Ground Floor, Civic Center Building A, Quezon City Hall Compound.
Telephone no. 988-4242 loc. 8172.

2.The One-Stop Shop for Construction Permits (OSSCP) is a single location for the processing of construction and occupancy permits for simple structures. Simple structures are:

  1. structures with floor area of not more than 1,500 sqm.
  2. single family dwellings up to 3-storeys high
  3. interior renovations inside a building which already has an occupancy permit
  4. simple warehous up to 2-storeys high, which are for noncombustible materials
  5. commercial buildings up to 2-storeys high

The OSSCP offers a single, integrated aplication process for locational clearance, fire safety evaluation, building permit, and occupancy permit. The system follows a linear process of evaluation, starting from zoning compliance, to fire safety, and then compliance to the National Building Code.

Meralco has a service kiosk near the OSSCP for the applications for the electrical connections.

The One-Stop Shop for Construction Permits is located at the Ground Floor, Building Regulatory Offices, Quezon City Hall Compound. 
Telephone no. 988-4242 loc. 1401.

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