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Quezon City’s Business One Stop Shop (BOSS) allows you to register your NEW BUSINESS in one location.  Through one application form, you can apply for a BUSINESS PERMIT, a LOCATIONAL CLEARANCE, and a FIRE SAFETY INSPECTION CERTIFICATE at the same time. You will be assisted by a concierge at the BOSS if you need help in putting your documents in order.


               Ground floor, Civic Center A

               Business Permits and Licensing Department

               Head of Department:  Ma. Margarita T. Santos

               Telephone:  8988-4242 extension 8172

Document requirements for applying at the BOSS:

  1. A filled-up application form
  2. Proof of business registration (before going to BOSS, you must already have registered your business with: the Department of Trade and Industry – if it is a single proprietorship; Securities and Exchange Commission – if it is a corporation, partnership or foundation; the Cooperative Development Authority – if it is a cooperative)
  3. Proof of the right of the applicant to use the location as its place of business

Acceptable proofs are:  Contract of lease (if business location is leased), or transfer certificate of title (if business location is owned), or other proofs such as:  memorandum of agreement, or formal consent of the property owner as the business location

  1. Location plan or sketch of location (show street names and photos of frontage and interior of business premises)
  2. Additional document requirement if the business location is inside a subdivision: Certificate or letter of “No Objection” from the Homeowners’ Association or Neighbors’ Consent
  3. Additional document if the applicant is not the business owner: Authority to sign or Special Power of Attorney from the business owner, photocopy of government-issued IDs of owner and applicant.  If the applicant is a corporation, present also the Corporate Secretary’s certificate


  1. Submit your application form and complete set of document requirements to the Business One Stop Shop (BPLO, ground floor, Civic Center A, Quezon City Hall Compound). A concierge will receive your documents.

The application is checked for completeness and goes through a simultaneous evaluation by the Business Permits and Licensing evaluator, by the Zoning Official (for the locational clearance), and the Bureau of Fire Protection –QC (for the Fire Safety Inspection Certificate).

  1. If your application is approved, the concierge will hand you the Tax Bill (containing the assessment details and total amount payable), enabling you to pay at the cashier in the same location who will hand you the Official Receipt. The concierge will then hand you your Business Permit and Business Plate.

The Tax Bill is a one-time assessment of all fees and charges.  It covers the following:

  • Business permit fees and charges
  • All relevant local taxes and fees
  • Fire code fees (as charged by the Bureau of Fire Protection)
  • Community Tax certificate (CTC)

After registration:

The Bureau of Fire Protection will inspect your establishment for conformance to the provisions of the Fire Code of the Philippines. You will have to obtain your barangay clearance within 6 months after registration


Business registration applications may be disapproved if they are contrary to public health and safety or public morals (based on specific laws), or because the business location is not allowable for the particular type of business as a result of the City’s Zoning Ordinance (SP 2502 s. 2016).

Disapproved applications will be returned to the applicant by the concierge.  Those disapproved because of noncompliance with the Zoning Ordinance may write appeals for reconsideration.  These formal requests must be addressed to the Quezon City Zoning Official:

City Planning and Development Office

4th floor, Building Regulatory Office (Civic Center D)
Telephone 8988-4242 extension 1012, 1013

Urban Design / Zoning Administrator

4th floor, Building Regulatory Office (Civic Center D)
Telephone 8988-4242 extension 1005/1014

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