Apply for an Occupancy Permit in One-Stop Shop for Construction Permits

An Occupancy Permit is a document issued by Department of Building Official that serves as a proof that the structure built completed all the building work and suitable for occupation. The National Building Code and the Local Building Code entails the issuance of occupancy permit prior to habitation of a structure or dwelling.

In the One-Stop Shop for Construction Permits (OSSCP), the application process is only applicable for structures with maximum floor area of 1,500 sqm, which are either:

  • Single Dwelling Residential Buildings of not exceeding to three storeys high
  • Commercial Buildings of not more than 2 storeys high
  • Interior Renovations inside a building which already has a building permit and occupancy permit
  • Warehouses of not more than 2 storeys high and not for the storage of hazardous and combustible materials

Know the documents you need and the processes you must follow to secure a Building Permit in the One Stop Shop for Construction Permits.


    1. Notarized Certificate of Completion (For the structure, it must be wet signed & dry sealed)
    2. Sworn Statement of the True Current and Fair Market Value of Real Properties (for new improvements, additionals & extensions)
    3. Certificate of Completion for Mechanical (if applicable, it must be wet signed and dry sealed)
    4. Corporate Secretary’s Certification of a Board Resolution Authorizing the Signatory (this is for corporate applicants; original copy must be notarized)
    5. Supplemental Documents (if applicable)
  2. Affidavit
  3. Certification
    1. Authorization letter and copy of government issued ID (if a representative of the owner is the one processing the application)
  2. Fire Safety Evaluation Clearance (FSEC), together with the Fire Safety Checklist (photocopies)
  3. Building Permit (photocopy; but bring original if permit does not have bar code
  4. Two (2) complete sets of approved Building Plans; and two (2) sets of As-Built Plans (if with deviation from approved plans)
  2. Locational Clearance (photocopy)
  3. If renovation, Certificate of Occupancy of the Base Building (except if the base building is a mall)
  4. Sanitary Permit (photocopy; but bring original if permit does not have bar code
  5. Electrical Permit Application Form with CEI Application Form
  6. Mechanical Permit (photocopy; but bring original if permit does not have bar code


  1. Technical Documents: Forms must be duly accomplished, signed and sealed by the professionals and signed by the owner/s. Attach also photocopies of each professional’s valid Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) ID and current Professional Tax Receipts with seal; and 3 specimen signatures of each professional.
  2. Supporting Documents
  3. Material Tests Results for structures 3 storeys and higher
  4. Construction Logbook


  1. Submit your accomplished application forms at the Receiving Section of the One-Stop Shop for Construction Permits (OSSCP).

    For complete requirements, you can verify the status of your application after 5 working days by calling Quezon City Hall trunk line 988-4242 loc. 1400.
    For incomplete requirements, your application will be returned to you once verified by the receiving officer

  2. Get your Order of Payment at the Releasing Section if your structure conforms to the approved building plans and is compliant to the Fire Code of the Philippines and National Building Code of the Philippines as inspected.

    If your structure does not conform, your documents will be returned to you at the Releasing Section. Make the necessary corrections as stated on the Advice of Action and submit these to the “Compliance Section” for evaluation.
  1. Pay at the cashier the indicated amount in your Order of Payment.

  2. Claim your certificates, tax declaration (for new improvements or additional floor area) and official receipts at the Releasing Section.


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