Solo Parent ID

Benefits for Solo Parents BELOW  Poverty Threshold 
1. Livelihood/Skills training programs and services (DOLE, TESDA, DSWD)
2. Educational services for solo parents and their children (DepEd, TESDA, CHED)
3. Essential health services for solo parents and their children (barangay health centers and hospitals)
4. Housing assistance/services for qualified solo parents under the eligibility requirement of the National Housing Authority (NHA)
Benefits for Solo Parents ABOVE  Poverty Threshold 
1. Employment-related benefits (both private and government sector)
* Flexible working schedule
* Protection against work discrimination
* 7 days parental leave in one year (must have rendered services for at least one year) with  full pay, consisting of basic salary and mandatory allowances
2. Housing assistance for solo parents who are members of Government Funding Institutions (GFI) such as GSIS, SSS, and HDMF/PAGIBIG provided that they qualify under the GFI’s eligibility requirement and respective program of availment/implementing guidelines
Expanded Benefits for Solo Parents in Quezon City
1. Individual, peer, and family counseling
2. Positive Discipline seminar 
3. Parent Effectiveness seminar
4. Critical Incidence Stress debriefing
5. Self-concept Building programs
6. Crisis Management and Spiritual Enrichment 
7. Referral for legal, health, and burial assistance
8. Livelihood/vocational trainings and Seed Capital assistance through SB-ECO
9. Educational assistance for indigent Solo Parent  and their children
10. Employment referrals through QC PESO
a.) Accomplished application form c/o SSDD
b.) Barangay certificate
c.) 1pc. of 2x2 ID picture
d.) Birth certificate of minor child/children (xerox)
a.) Old Solo Parent ID
b.) Barangay Certificate
c.) 1pc. 2x2 ID picture
a.) Affidavit of Loss
b.) 1pc. 2x2 ID picture
c.) Accomplished Form c/o SSDD
PLUS supporting documents (ANY of the following):
a.) Xerox copy of Death Certificate of spouse (if widowed)
b.) Affidavit (circumstance of being a Solo Parent)
c.) Copy of filed/pending petition for Annulment of Marriage/Legal Separation
NOTE: Applicants must be personally apply. All new and renewal applications are for interview and homevisit/assessment.

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