The People’s Law Enforcement Board (PLEB) Quezon City has dismissed a policeman involved in the shooting of a 22-year-old student last month and demoted four others for grave neglect of duty and misconduct.

According to Atty. Rafael Calinisan, PLEB Executive Officer, PCPL Reymark Rigor was removed from service after he was found guilty of grave misconduct for shooting Adrienne Dominique Cruz Castor last Feb. 8.

Castor was on his way home aboard a Grab vehicle when an extremely intoxicated Rigor aimed a gun at Castor’s direction. Shortly thereafter, Rigor shot him in the chest after Castor alighted from the Grab vehicle. The student survived the shooting.

The PLEB also penalized PSMS Neleazar Torrijos, PSSG Fernan Concepcion and PCPL Jimbeam Fernandez with one rank demotion for grave neglect of duty for their failure to respond to the shooting incident that happened right outside the house where they were drinking.

Torrijos, Concepcion and Fernandez along with Rigor, were engaged in a drinking spree in the house of Torrijos, also along Scout Rallos Extension, during the latter’s birthday celebration that night.

Further, the PLEB ordered the one rank demotion of PSSG Bryan Busto for grave misconduct for covering up the said shooting incident during his investigation, after categorizing the incident as a mere case of “physical injuries” when it was a clear case of “frustrated murder.”

Meanwhile, the PLEB exonerated PSSG Jayson Osmena and PCPL Jaycee Tordil.

Mayor Joy Belmonte lauded the PLEB for its swift and impartial disposition of the case, saying this would encourage persons aggrieved by the police to file charges with the PLEB.

“I salute the People’s Law Enforcement Board of Quezon City. You have resolved this case in record time, without fear for your own safety,” said Belmonte.

“The general public has not seen any recent case that was decided this quickly. With this, I hope that any aggrieved person will seek recourse with PLEB,” she added.

In 2020, Belmonte issued an Executive Order strengthening the PLEB as she reiterated that the QC government won’t tolerate any abusive behavior of policemen in the city.

Calinisan, for his part, stressed that “it is our collective vision from day one to make PLEB QC the show window of PLEB in the country by quickly resolving cases involving policemen.

“With the quick resolution of this case, we are making a clear statement that erring policemen have no business wearing a police uniform,” said Calinisan.

While the public can file cases with PNP-Internal Affairs Service (IAS) and the National Police Commission (NAPOLCOM), Calinisan said they may also opt to file with the PLEB.

“Put your trust in PLEB. Pwede sa PLEB. There will be fearless and swift justice here,” he said.