Last updated on October 26th, 2023

The Quezon City Government is now giving health coverage to  non-plantilla personnel.  This includes contractual and job order employees who undertake special projects or jobs within a specific period.

The city government recognizes that the health and safety of the entire workforce is of importance and it is the right of all employees – regardless of employment status –to receive protection in the form of health insurance.

The program covers all full-time contract of service (COS), job order (JO), and consultant employees of the executive and legislative branches, who have rendered at least six (6) months of continuous and uninterrupted service prior February 1, 2022. Employees will be entitled to an aggregate benefit limit of P100,000.00 per year. Benefits include physical examinations, emergency care services, hospitalization or in-patient care and out-patient services, insurance for pre-existing and critical illnesses, and life insurance.