Last updated on February 20th, 2022

The city government formally acquired the parcels of land from various landowners – Prosperity Industrial Corp., Elizabeth Elsie G. Ng et al, Tofemi Realty Corp. and Manila Remant Co., Inc.- in Barangay Baesa, Old Balara, Bagong Silangan and Payatas.

Residents in the area will be able to own the land where they have lived for decades.

With the purchase, a total of 3,478 families will benefit  from the program. 2,000 families in Baesa, 1,127 families in Bagong Silangan, 30 in Payatas, and 50 in Old Balara. The acquired lots will be awarded to the residents through a Direct Sale Program,  Under the scheme, the city government will buy the property from the land owner, then the beneficiaries will then secure their individual title after payment of their respective lots to the city government.