Last updated on February 11th, 2021

Quezon City Small Business and Cooperatives Development and Promotions Office 

Negosyo Quarantips 

Negosyo Quarantips is the online campaign of the Quezon City Small Business and Cooperatives Development and Promotions Office that aimed to help people produce DIY (do-it-yourself) household supplies that they could use for themselves or sell to others. The social media posts contain the list of ingredients, step-by-step instructions, and a breakdown of all the expenses as well as expected profits from sales. Thus far, four household supplies to DIY have been posted, including hand sanitizer, dishwashing liquid, fabric conditioner, and powder detergent. A spin-off Quarantips that explained how to get a Certificate of Registration from the Bureau of Internal Revenue was also posted at the time the government office said they would require online businesses to register. 

Since it’s a social media campaign, Negosyo Quarantips’ success is measured by the reception of the posts. The public reaction to Negosyo Quarantips has been positive, with each post receiving comments as to where ingredients can be bought and some people even sending messages with photos depicting their own DIY experience. 

Given the current situation, the Negosyo Quarantips campaign banked on people’s resilience and willingness to try something new at home and possibly even turn it into a business opportunity. 

Continuing the Negosyo Quarantips campaign could spark someone’s inspiration to create his/her own products, which in the long run could become a business success story. For other LGUs, this campaign can also be turned into a training program, giving citizens the necessary ingredients and teaching them how to make the household supplies from scratch.