Last updated on May 25th, 2021

Quezon City government will soon complete its 161 – kilometer bike route throughout the city. This is the city’s commitment to sustainable recovery and reducing air pollution by 2030.

It has inaugurated its 93-km intra-city bike lane that traverses Quezon City’s major roads such as Commonwealth Ave., Quezon Ave, East Ave and North Ave, among others.

From an initial 55 kilometers, the city has extended its bike lane network to 161 kilometers, which is almost three times longer.

The first phase is a short-term development that will include the improvement and repair of existing bike lanes and placement of temporary and semi-permanent traffic separation devices.

For the succeeding phase, new bike lane routes have also been identified to improve route connectivity while road signages and bike parking areas will also be included in the network.

Bike Lane Renders:

Bike Lane Routes: