Last updated on October 25th, 2023

QC Build Easy is a program of the Quezon City Government which aims to provide the most efficient and simplest solution to a complex construction permit application.

The online application for building permits seeks to fully automate all the processes to reduce complications and make the process less tedious for the applicant. It is seeks to provide convenience to the transacting public, transparency in Government Office, and efficiency in public service.

Since building permitting involves a number of offices, the QC Build Easy will provide all application forms, allowing the applicant to remotely furnish the needed information and digitally imprinting such electronic information in the application forms.

The QC Build Easy will also have an appointment schedule system to manage the number of transacting public at a given date and time. Online payments can be made via Landbank but other online payment options will be will be made available soon.  Approved Permits can be picked-up or applicant can arrange for a courier service