In a bid to continue enforcing health protocols at the Quezon Memorial Circle while promoting the physical well-being of park goers, the Quezon City Government has developed more measures within allowable park capacities.

In a meeting held today at the QMC Administration Building, Mayor Joy Belmonte instructed several City Departments to identify zones in the park where more visitors can be encouraged to converge, in order to maximize the allowable capacity throughout the Quezon Memorial Circle. Each of the zones is already fenced-off and will have designated entry and exit points which will be manned by City enforcers. Signages bearing the capacity limits and the reminders as to minimum health standards will be put in place, while safety officers will be present in each zone to enforce health protocols.

The zones inside the QMC that have been identified so far are as follows:
Zone 1 – Picnic Area and Playground
Zone 2 – Fitness Trail and Planas Garden
Zone 3 – QCX Open Grounds
Zone 4 – Peace Bell, Runner Garden, and Fern Garden
Zone 5 – Tropical Garden
Zone 6 – Flower Garden
Zone 7 – Rock Garden

Most of these zones contain areas where families can converge and engage in exercise routines like walking, while socially distanced with one another. There will be an 80% capacity limit in each of the identified zones in QMC, and more zones may still be identified depending on the volume of park-goers and if the capacity restrictions will still allow.

Entrance and exits for vehicles across East Avenue and Commonwealth Avenue will be managed by the Task Force for Transport and Traffic Management. The general public will be allowed to enter through the gate across East Avenue and exit at the QCX exit, and through the gate across the Department of Agrarian Reform. Parking in these areas will be allowed. On the other hand, only emergency vehicles will be allowed to enter and exit through the gate across Commonwealth Avenue. The underpass across QC City Hall and Philcoa will be managed by the Department of Public Order and Safety, where only pedestrians will be allowed to pass. Adults will be asked to present their vaccination cards, and will be required to present their Kyusi Pass QR codes or register for contact tracing upon entrance to QMC. This will again be required upon entrance at the zone to which they shall be directed.

Inside the QMC grounds and in each zone, QC will deploy safety officers from Task Force Disiplina, while a roaming mobile patrol from the Quezon City Police District will monitor safety and security throughout the QMC grounds.

The City will put up washing and sanitation areas in each zone to maintain safety and avoid the spread of COVID-19 especially among children. Food stalls and hawkers will be deployed in various locations across the park to avoid crowding, all workers of whom shall be required to be fully vaccinated.

As for the zones with playgrounds, only one adult guardian for children four feet and below shall be allowed inside the playground, and a one-hour limit per batch of children shall be in place to give time to other children. The same time allocation shall be in place for park goers using the exercise equipment in the Fitness Trail. Setting up picnic areas inside the playground shall not be allowed.

“Under Alert Level 3, children are allowed to go out to exercise. That is why families can come to our park, because it is good for their physical and mental health. But we also have to keep in mind that we should also prioritize the safety of our park goers. We are putting in place these additional protocols, so families could safely enjoy their time in our park,” Belmonte said.

The QMC will be opened to the public from November 2 to 5, from 5 AM to 5 PM, for exercise purposes only. Further announcements will be made prior to the weekend. It is noted that existing relevant local and national guidelines will continue to be enforced.